The single ‘X’ which makes all the difference!

As the man said, ‘If you have a pile of crap in your cupboard, it is best not to point at the equally large pile which rests squarely with your opponent’. I have not watched the whole #debatesquabble 2.0, nor am I likely to, but instead have watched edited sections and pieces placed online. I agree with my friend James that, if one depends upon the huge American broadcasters and dead-tree publishers, along with their tame bunch of ‘rentaquote’ clones; you shall never get a true sense of what actually happened: or, more importantly, the impact on middle America of Trump’s carefully-sensed and timed attack on Hillary’s husband, the well-known philanderer Bill; a.k.a. The loosest Zip in Town. The very fact that Trump was able to locate these four women, rape victims all: hold a mini-styled press conference, with all the accusations recalled about how Hillary knew her client was guilty, but managed to virtually get him off the hook by lacerating the victim in open court: and then place all four in full sightline of Bill Clinton was a demonstration of his determination to take the fight to Hillary, and through her of course to the ex-president.

Piers Morgan is not a man whom I trust, nor would I normally give credence to an opinion authored by that writer, but, he writes, in this particular instance, from a desire to state exactly what happened; and to hell with his preconceived ideas about how bad Donald Trump actually was.

One particular American commentator opined that the American voting population was split 45:45, and the remaining ten percent  was the portion which had to be reached and persuaded that the candidate for President which employed the smartest political team would be the one who eventually won. But, in a strange way, the American political process has morphed from an antagonism to the expected, through the almost revolutionary ideals of the Tea Party, to the totally unexpected exuberance of a candidate who defies definition; whose polling figures look like a graph drawn by a wounded lion. A lion whose very existence was laughed off with genuine enthusiasm, but the very things which horrifies the political elite on both sides make him so ultra-attractive to the voter who believes that he, or indeed she, has had a real raw deal from those who deemed themselves ‘appropriate’ to govern America: and decided to give an amateur, and a self-financing amateur at that, a fighting chance to see what he can do.

Despite all the mountains of opposition crap which has been piled high, and then thrown at this strange, convoluted, vulgar billionaire, he has defied conventional thought, and survived the cruellest battering from both the Opposition Democrats, and more heavily, his own Republican party.

My prediction? If the ballot-stuffing Democratic bunch can be forced away from the boxes and voting machinery; Trump; the ineffable Donald himself, might just turn the corner and win in the final furlong!

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