just a Sign of the times?










Trouble is, the liberal MSM, clinton-clones and all the heavies, with the honourable exception of Fox, spews out the Trump-ed hatred, whilst completely ignoring the steady leak of damaging e-mails via WikiLeaks regarding Clinton-Podesta.

Signs that Trump’s predictions are commencing to emerge as being absolutely correct, giving rise to suggestions that the tv series ‘The Walking Dead’ has a new cousin in production named ‘The Voting Dead‘.

MInd you, there is a truly surprising voice which has just come to my attention, surprising because of the man who uses that voice. He has been vitriolic in his condemnation of most things G.O.P., and especially Republican Presidents, and I don’t think he has had some sort of religious revival; but I do believe that beneath that pudgy exterior lies a mind which has examined the Trump phenomenon, and quietly, if reluctantly, admires what the Donald has said!