And this is the Biased BBC reporting!

When the BBC is accused of partisan and biased reporting and commentary, the reply is always the same:-

” We are content that our reporters, and the reporting and commentary from those same reporters, work in a completely neutral world; and where comments are made, justification is always provided for any stance.”

As I listened to a spot on the BBC Today Programme at 01.34 into the programme, where the surfacing of more of Hillary Clinton’s hidden e-mails was being discussed; in a conversation with an American supporter of the Democratic candidate, Justin Webb from that same ‘totally impartial BBC’ was heard to state,

‘Voters are turning to Hillary because the alternative is so uniquely ghastly’;

as well as in a conversation with Congressman Doug Collins;

‘So America has a choice between a Racist, Misogynist, Narcissistic Thug (in Donald Trump); and a woman (Hillary Clinton) who was secretive and possibly dishonest about her e-mails’.



There’s that totally impartial and unbiased reporting and commentary in full view!