Major error by the Beeb

Normally, the only item Beeb-wise which I turn to is the BBC Today programme. I have learned to filter the bullshit and garbage out, so that essential facts come through; and because even the BBC has to broadcast the essentials of any story before the BEEBOIDS get to string the cobwebs of their filthy propaganda around their favourite subjects, it remains enough. So it is perhaps fitting that I was doing some ‘extreme ironing’ when I switched the tv on, and found that; in a blinding change of broadcast strategy which has continued for over forty years, the BBC actually broadcast a substantial section of a DONALD TRUMP campaign speech, and the only irritating thing about the whole deal was this hyperactive clown kept waving some sign in front of the camera.

Now whether the BBC has in fact broadcast sections of any campaign speech from the Trump campaign previously, I do not know, but two things happened during the perhaps fifteen minutes of ‘The Donald’s’ speech which I watched in full before the BBC cut away to concentrate on their brand of politics. Firstly, I was able to get a good look at the live broadcast words and comportment of a man whom the BBC has routinely denigrated and ridiculed; and secondly, to make my own considered judgement of a man who came from nowhere, in political terms; to end as the Republican Candidate for the Presidency. He has fought through the considerable disadvantage of being denied the backing of his own Party, he has been vilified from all sides and sections; he also has had to fight against the crooked and criminal conspiracies of the Democratic Party, along with their Nominee; who should in reality be occupying a prison cell: and he comes across as a man whom you can maybe trust to keep his word. He is not; definitely not, of the Republican elite; he an outsider of the worst kind; but if sufficient Americans wake up and actually listen to the themes he has spoken of, and then vote for the ‘man who can’: America will indeed be a greater place!

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