I’d plant them clean between the eyes!

Ever listened to any of the BBC’s ever-so-liberal ‘journalists’ as they plied their wares and words across America, in the months, weeks and finally days before the election? Ever listened, as I did, to the thinly-veiled questioning of voters across that huge land? Every question, every statement asked the same unspoken question: ‘How come you are even contemplating voting for this moronic dullard; this billionaire fool; this racist, misogynistic clown who defies the normal courteous norm of politicians by stating, bluntly, that ‘this’ is what he believes in; that ‘these’ are his policies; and that he will not, ever, S.T.F.U., and stop hogging the limelight and the headlines?

The Today reporter, just this morning echoed those insulting comments  (05.48) in his quest to allegedly find why people had voted for Trump. He spoke to a Republican voting guy, saying, ‘you are an immigrant; you are a rich man; you are part of the Republican Establishment: you are someone who should be stating that this vote is a tragedy!’ And the worst part is that this American did not throw this upstart liberal commentator off his property; or at least bring out his legally-licensed shotgun and threaten him with instant defenestration if he insulted his President-elect for one more second.

But the real problem is that these so-called ‘journalists’ believe in what they peddle! They honestly believe that anyone with the slightest interest in Right-wing ideas or policies is a clone of Hitler, and as such should be placed firmly in the slammer, because they do not accept the Will of the Liberal as ‘effing gospel.

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