Cheers; the old bastard is dead!

A blood-stained dictator died this morning, head of a dictatorial regime which allowed no opposition, no discussion to its bloody plans for totalitarian domination of an island and its eleven-odd million inhabitants. The MSM, now bereft of one of its all time heroes, dignifies him with the title ‘Revolutionary Leader’, as well as The Man who defied the United States’. They laud his ‘leadership’, they attempt to dignify his decades of tyranny by stating and praising the Cuban Health Service; and praise the Education reforms put in place by this ‘Charismatic Leader’. They also salute the attempts by Barry Obama to help ‘normalise’ relations between USA and Cuba, but since that time, all that has happened is the exchange of Ambassadors, a few cruise liners visiting Havana, and very little else. Jeffery DeLaurentiis has been nominated for the Ambassadorship, but hell will freeze over before a Republican Congress will approve that fact.

As Senator Marco Rubio, himself of Cuban origin, stated :- “This nomination should go nowhere until the Castro regime makes significant and irreversible progress in the areas of human rights and political freedom for the Cuban people, and until longstanding concerns about the Cuban regime’s theft of property and crimes against American citizens are addressed,”

But even that statement bears little evidence of the truth regarding the multitude of death and devastation wrought by the Castro Revolution in the decades since they grabbed power from Batista. The long-time defenders of Castro’s Cuba, such as Ken Livingstone, cannot divorce themselves from their love affair with this blood-soaked tyrant, and admit that he was nothing else than a bloodthirsty megalomaniac. Instead we had Livingstone stating that he would rather live in Cuba than in a Brazilian dictatorship; and then goes waffling on about the great Education, and about the frigging Health Service in that demoralised and broken country.

No mention, from the broadcasters, the tv and radio, of the ‘Firing Squad Wall’ and of the estimated 25,000 victims of the speedy Revolutionary Justice Courts; which consisted of some soldier stating ‘These are his crimes, I demand the Death Penalty’. Since the only ones carrying the rifles were Castro’s goons, the jury, if there was one; rubber stamped the ‘verdict’; and the only difference between Soviet Russia and Cuba is that the Cuban’s family wasn’t usually billed for the bullet that killed the ‘Anti-Revolutionary’! No mention of the Concentration Camps, the Re-Education Camps, and the forced labour camps. No mention of the 40,000-odd ‘Cuban Volunteers’ sent to fight alongside the Communists against the Unita uprising in Angola. NO mention of the blood removed from those about to be executed, and then sold abroad at $50.00 a pint.

They have their heroes, and now he is dead!