“Armed Police: Drop your weapon, or we fire!”

So, there was this bloke, either inclined towards allah; or mentally unbalanced or both; swinging an axe in a Hull shopping centre street.

The Fuzz ‘heavy mob’ roll up, and attempt to speak / reason with / talk down / ask him to surrender.

Presumably, he either makes threatening moves, complete with double-edged axe swinging, or refuses to respond; so the Fuzz, not normally known for their patience and warm comradely approach to fruit-and-nut cases; fire their weaponry, and down he goes.

The average statement would be simply along the lines of ‘he was armed, he refused to surrender, we are not in the business of placing ourselves in harm’s way, so we fired: and there’s an end to it.’

But the Guardian, of course, comes out with a ‘witness’ who stated:- “There was blood everywhere. His jeans were slightly down and you could see his boxer shorts were covered in blood. It’s sad. At the end of the day whatever he’s done he’s got a mum somewhere, hasn’t he?”

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