…For Auld Lang Syne!

A hug from a pair of arms still young, but with a potential strength from one only eight years old: a whispered ‘Thank you Grandad’: smiles from faces which life has yet to mould: a tiny hand gripped my thumb: and the last noises of an exhaust pipe echo amongst the trees. My Christmas visitors have all decamped; the famous ‘attack dog’ is safely seated in the rear seat of my eldest son’s car; the grandchildren have all gone home, and the silence is impenetrable.

It was a Happy Christmas, with turkey and all the trimmings twice over, a modest amount of wine was taken and enjoyed; but all good things come to an end. The road home beckons, and an early start is necessary to avoid the speeding morons who infest our motorways. Presents were exchanged; but the unspoken thought behind each gift is simply ‘Don’t be a stranger; keep on calling, and let me hear your voices; because Grandpa, who is also Dad, needs reassurance that you are alive, and well, and remembering from whence you came.’


Here’s to Hopes for a Happy New Year, and for many more to come, for all of mine; and to all of you!


“All hands aloft; prepare to go about!” “Belay that order!”

The usual, almost ritual, condemnation of Israel’s actions and policies regarding the West Bank settlements seemed to be proceeding as normal in the UN Security Council, but suddenly it emerged that the Obama Administration were considering an abstention, instead of the usual veto of anything which could be construed as giving credence to the Palestinians’ craving for acceptance.


It took a strong condemnation from Israel’s Netanyahu, and an almost casual ‘tweet’ from the @RealDonaldTrump, to stop this motion in its tracks, and set the UN away from a motion which would have labelled all Israeli settlements as ‘Illegal’.


Our Donald might have started out slowly, but he has learnt an awful lot in a very short time. Congrats indeed to the New Kid on the Block.


The original motion was postponed, and many thought indefinitely; but Malaysia, New Zealand, Senegal and Venezuela re-laid it, Obama’s puppettess abstained, THE UK VOTED WITH THE MAJORITY, and, for the first time ever, the only Democracy in the Middle East, the homeland of the Jewish State; was told that its policies were ‘ILLEGAL’!

Friggin’ Disgusting. Roll on the 20th January!

Quotations from a Holy Book!

“And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out.

“As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

“And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah”

“So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush,


Angela Merkel’s spokesman said: “Germany is a compassionate country and will not allow refugees to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fuelled loudmouths.” He said all asylum-seekers deserved to be treated with “dignity and respect”.

Yep, I just bet that particular spokesman is now wishing he had kept his big mouth shut!


Lest we forget………a lot!

Just a reminder of what we have agreed to leave behind. The thumbnail pix is of the launch of an Ariane5 rocket, with a payload of four Galileo GPS Satellites. Galileo is the name for the European-funded GPS system, which is not really needed because TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY MARIETTE LE ROUX AND LAURENCE COUSTAL (FILES) This file photo taken on November 17, 2016 shows a handout released on November 17, 2016 by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Centre national d'etudes spatiale (CNES, the French government space agency) and the Arianespace satellite launch company shows the Ariane 5 rocket with a payload of four Galileo satellites lifting off from ESA's European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.  Seventeen years and more than 10 billion euros ($11 billion) later, Europe's Galileo satnav system is set to go live on December 15, 2016 promising to outperform US and Russian rivals while boosting regional self-reliance. Initial services, free to use worldwide, will be available only on smartphones and navigation boxes already fitted with Galileo-compatible microchips.  / AFP PHOTO / ESA/CNES/ARIANESPACE / S. MARTIN / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT

the American GPS system is up, working like a Swiss watch, and free to everyone who wishes it. But the EU had to have one because, well, France got fed up with their beloved EU needing to use the cursed Yankee satellites just to find out where they were. So, we in Britain, despite the fact that we are leaving, will have to pay our share of the running costs; estimated as being €750 million per year, as well as the agreed share of the satellites, launch vehicles, ground stations:along with the launch vehicle and the two replacement satellites, because the first two were set in a lower orbital altitude after a ‘mishap’:( because well SHIT HAPPENS): all of which is costing €20 Billions plus; and rising to where no-one actually knows any more.

And all of this cost, all of YOUR cash, was spent / is being spent / will be spent in the future without a single voter, out of the entire 508 million, ever being asked if they wanted to be able to proudly point, well, upwards, and state; We paid for that! How did the EU get away with that, as well as all the other boondoggling expenditures over the past forty-odd years? Simples: because the system was designed so no-one,apart from the Brussels bureaucrats, ever gets to ask ‘Why?”

Let Freedom’s voice ring!

Most of us who either read any newspapers, watch any channels on the box, or interest yourselves at all with the dual themes of Democratic Accountability and of Press Freedom, will have heard of the Leveson Report. It was a typical knee-jerk semi-Socialist over-reaction to a set of circumstances which were in fact covered by both Civil and Criminal Law. The Report was brought about by the actions of various newspaper groups whose reporters deliberately hacked into both ‘celebrities’ and ordinary members of the public’s mobile phones, downloaded the text and voice-mail messages, and published stories with the facts exposed by those illegally-obtained stories, for the sole purpose of increasing their sales. The wider stories, the court cases, and the ensuing Leveson Report are too well known to be repeated here; but there is one small but important section of the Report, and the ensuing Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013, which deserves much, much wider scrutiny, publicity and action.

Many of the so-called ‘celebs’ together with ordinary members of the public who had fallen into the phone-hacking net, formed a pressure group named Hacked Off; and determined that they should be revenged upon the newspapers who had spread the gossip, and in certain very circumscribed circumstances, vicious and criminal libels about certain persons. All of these stories were covered within court cases, and in many if not all cases, the injured parties were awarded large sums in compensation, as well as printed apologies. But, caught up within the stretch of ‘injured celebs’ was one very determined, but also very wealthy pervert, whose activities had been exposed, in great and gory detail, by the ‘News of the World’ of NewsCorp fame. Max Mosley, whose perversions and gruesome sexual fantasies had been splashed across the headlines, took the ‘News and Screws’ to court, and won on a technicality, because the newspaper had alleged that his orgies were tinged with Nazi overtones, and they had no real proof. He stated that his life has been devastated by the News of the World story and the posting of the video footage on its website. He told the court that the publicity had been “totally devastating” for his wife of 48 years, and he could think of “nothing more undignified or humiliating” for his two sons to experience.” My response would be similar to that of Paul Staines, of Guido Fawkes fame, who said “If you wish to stay out of the newspapers, don’t get hookers to shove dildoes up your bum”.

However, devastated though he may have been; forced to resign from his commanding role in Formula One; Max Mosley has determined to use his vast wealth within the law to bring the British Press to heel. Read this masterly expose by Fraser Nelson, and then read on to the purpose of my post. I wish to propose a Petition on the Government Website to ask why this pernicious piece of Legislation should not be removed and expunged, as it, if enacted, would do exactly as Mr Nelson states.

The Petition asks:- “To require the Government to repeal Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013″

However, I am unable to bring the Petition forward without the assistance of at least five readers of my site, who would support such a Petition, and are willing to supply their e-mail addresses to further such a Petition. Such assistance should be sent to the OoL Address which is orphansofliberty@gmail.com; the site, for which I write, has kindly agreed to become a mailbox for this purpose alone!

Thanking you in anticipation

Mike Cunningham

A message to the NHS….Get Stuffed!

Is it just me; or are there other sentient beings out there who just bloody dislike being patronised beyond belief, just because we have collectively past the sixth decade of our existence. We know how to earn a living, some of us more successfully than others; we know when symptoms tell us we have the ‘Lurgi, or something is out of kilter within our bodily systems: we just know how to look after ourselves; we have been fairly successful for decades; we even know how to bloody react when frigging winter arrives.

So the last thing we need is to have this bunch of pillocks popping up all over the bloody telly, explaining in such sweet terms that we should keep warm, and go to the bloody chemist if you have a friggin’ cold, and just ‘know’ that the friggin’ NHS is here for us all: instead of really being there for themselves!

Bah, ‘effing humbug!

Ready-Use-Locker of Life

Having espied a spare thirteen milliseconds from my daily grind, or round, or whatever; I thought I might make a list of the items essential to my mental well-being which I have stashed close to hand in my expanded living room (expanded because I had the dividing wall knocked away some ten-odd years ago). I list them in order of priorities:-

  • Mobile Walkie-Talkie handset-so my wife can alert and call me, so I can tend to her needs.
  • Multitude of photographs of family and grandsons; as a reminder that immortality endures.
  • Box of toys so my two grandsons can feel immediately at home when those footsteps announce that three of my four small, vital treasures (the third is carried by his Mom, my daughter-in-law, as he cannot walk by himself, as he is still very young) have arrived to send their joyous noise throughout my home.
  • (Fairly) advanced hi-fi system, complete with set of decent speakers, to play the music which soothes, which livens, which invigorates my very soul. I do admit having browsed through the pile of articles rhapsodising about the delights and advances of equipment powered by valve technology, as well as the alleged aural advances of recordings stored and played on vinyl. The truly daftest thing I ever read about the so-called advantages of valve audio electronics was the fact that they are immune to the EMP (Electro-Magnetic Effect) generated by a nuclear blast. I would humbly submit that the last thing you would be worrying about after a nuclear attack would be the problems of being able to be listening to any music at all!
  • Computer holding advanced digital copies of hundreds of tracks speedily accessible  by system listed previously.
  • Four shelves full of books without which I cannot envisage life. For examples and opinions (all mine own), I give the reader  my own opinion of the minor masterpieces which have been my guide in so many ways.
  • Remote controls for tv, hi-fi, a-v system & Blu-ray dvd.
  • Mobile & Land-line phones.
  • Access to a decent cup of coffee.

News, or whatever turns you off!

I used to do a weekly roundup of the news which either piqued my interest, or was sufficiently off track to be entertaining, amusing; or of the type which made my blood curdle; so thought I might serve up a small selection to see what grips the imagination. I shall leave it to the reader to judge what my reactions would be to each item.

Jeremy Hunt refuses to clear the adding of Folic Acid to white bread flour, an addition which has been proposed many, many times, but fortunately the various governments of both stripes have very wisely refused to allow the mass-medication of all those in the United Kingdom. The ‘scientists’ have pleaded, begged and even demanded that, because of a deemed weakness in certain mothers-to-be, they should be given the right to shovel large vats of Folic Acid into the flour bins of Britain. The fact that folic acid is freely available in multi-vitamin form is dismissed, as the ‘scientists know’ that advice alone will not increase the uptake, so they wish to force feed everyone, despite many warnings against this type of action!

One more instance of the truly weird idea that some clowns have of their ability to both own and ‘control’ a large, truly aggressive and vicious dog; especially in the possible presence if very small children. Now I myself have commented previously on the mindset of this type of ‘animal lover’. But the truly weird side of this particular story is that the ‘owner’ is a serving policewoman: who issued a statement as follows:-

‘I am a serving Essex Police officer, but more importantly I am a wife, a sister, a daughter and an auntie. ‘We are still struggling to comprehend the circumstances we find ourselves in, having lost our gorgeous Archie Bum and seeing Daniel fighting on. We cannot believe this has happened, and would never have risked the lives of our precious nephews. It was our dog which did this and we will have to carry that burden and learn to cope with it.
‘However, what is most important now is that we support our family.’

Not a word confirming that the bloody dog is dead, but hey; the distraught couple have another child, and they can always breed again!

I have always believed that the best way to treat ALL the Bogus Illegal Immigrants, chancers, liars, thieves and vagabonds clustering under the tent of ‘Migration’ should be placed in one place, possibly a remote Scottish island such as Gruinard, and left there to fend for themselves until they agree to piss off back to the cess-pits they erupted from. But I reckon the early cleansing or extinguishing, as demonstrated by this news story, isn’t the way forward, as it takes such a time to clean the blood off the pavements!

As a man with a very, very close connection to the machinery and company on display in this story, all I would state is that the words in the news item are very carefully chosen, but do NOT carry the full truth; especially the bit painted on the cabin-side of the front driver’s section; which states:- DESIGNED in JAPAN; BUILT in BRITAIN.

and one of the many ‘Benefits’ from our membership…

…of the European Union is the truth that we cannot even consider placing this sub-human specimen up against a wall, and ending his miserable existence with a full firing squad; never mind a noose and a six-foot drop!  Those were the days!

Facebook picture from open profile of Tia Oskar. Kane Kennedy has today (Wednesday, December 7th) been convicted of murdering his seven month old son Oskar Jobey-Kennedy. He was found guilty by a unanimous jury of killing baby Oskar Jobey-Kennedy by smothering him at a flat in Morecambe between Wednesday, September 30th and Thursday, October 1st 2015. The prosecution alleged that at some time during the night Kennedy had forcibly got hold of the baby’s testes causing injuries and then pushed his fingers into Oskar’s mouth, possibly in a bid to silence him, and put his hand over his mouth deliberately smothering the child. Kennedy had denied murder but was convicted after a trial at Preston Crown Court. He will be sentenced next week.

The accompanying photo is of tiny Oskar Jobey-Kennedy, the victim of the pond-life specimen whom we shall have to feed, shelter and support in centrally-heated comfort in our five-star prison system.


R.I.P. Oskar.


and the sounds of self-acclaim are ever sharper.

My passions are few; my wife, my adult kids, my four grandsons are as one: I occasionally appreciate good drama on tv, but the sole remaining love is music: good classical music from ages back, along with the very occasional composition from today. As I am advancing remorselessly into old age, my hearing is somewhat diminished, as I cannot distinguish some higher frequencies; but, such is life. I have a large collection of classical tracks, and with the aid of computer technology, access and play them through a good amplifier and decent speakers. Very recently, I invested some cash on an upgrade a-v system which came with advanced technology for immersive sound; and it really does work, especially with re-mastered digital recordings for guitar, piano and violin studies.

Then this report came across my horizon; and I realised:-

We are all doomed; doomed, I tell you!


And so, advice given; Lt. Kermit Tyler sat back and sipped his coffee!

The following is summarized from Radar in WWII by Henry E. Guerlac  and an article ‘The Air Warning Service and The Signal Company, Aircraft Warning, Hawaii’ by Stephen L  Johnston 20.

The strategic importance of Oahu was recognised in late 1939 and the Air Warning Service (AWS) was to provide warning of approaching enemy aircraft using the newly developed radar.

Extensive negotiations were needed as the sites, for the three SCR271s received in Hawaii on 3 June 1941, were located on land owned by either the Department of Interior National Parks Service or the Territory of Hawaii. In addition access roads, power supply, water supply, buildings et cetera had to be constructed – which occasioned even further delay. The net result was that none of the SCR271s had been installed by 7 December 1941 !

Six mobile SCR270Bs arrived in Hawaii on 1 August 1941 and were shortly thereafter put into operation because very little site preparation was required. Extensive testing of the sets was carried out in the next few months on installations at Kaaawa, Kawailoa, Waianae and Koko Head, Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter.

On 27 September 1941 the SCR270Bs were tested in an exercise which, in retrospect, resembled to a remarkable degree the actual attack of 7 December. The exercise began at 0430 hours. Attacking planes were detected by the equipment at Waianae and Koko Head as they assembled near the carrier from which they had taken off 85 miles away. When they had assembled, the planes headed for Hawaii. The ‘enemy’ were clearly seen on the cathode ray tube and fighter aircraft were notified within about six minutes. They took off and intercepted the incoming bombers at about 25 miles from Pearl Harbour.

Under the control of the Signal Corps, Air Warning, Hawaii, the Schofield training SCR270B was moved to the site at Opana about two weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbour. The construction of a temporary Combat Information Centre (CIC) was in progress and training of the personnel at the centre was under way with reporting coming from six mobiles SCR270Bs. Ironically the program was to hand the CIC over to the Air Corps when the installation had been completed and the personnel had been properly trained – scheduled for about two weeks after Pearl Harbour.

A training period for operators of the SCR270Bs and the Combat Information Centre was scheduled for Sunday morning, between 0400 and 0700 hours, on 7 December 1941. There were two operators at the Opana site, George Elliot a recent transferee from the Air Corps, and Joseph Lockard. Because the supply truck did not arrive on time Lockard decided to give Elliott some more training on the SCR270B.

At 0702 hours a huge echo, almost due north of Opana at a range of 137 miles, appeared on the screen. Lockard immediately checked the equipment to ensure that it was functioning properly since it was a maximum size or saturation echo. Having established that it was indeed moving and needed to be reported, efforts were made to report it to the plotters at the Information Centre but these proved to be fruitless as the Centre had closed down. Eventually, on another phone, a Lt Kermit A Tyler was spoken to and he told Lockard not to worry even though it was a huge echo and travelling towards Oahu – mention was later made about a flight of B17s being expected.

Plotting continued until 0740 hours when the supply truck finally arrived at which time the aircraft had disappeared in the Permanent Echoes (PEs) at a range of 20 miles. These PEs were the result of back radiation from the antenna as the mountains were behind the radar set.

The unit was closed down, the men boarded the truck and proceeded towards Kawailoa for breakfast meeting another truck travelling at high speed towards the SCR270B. On reaching the camp they learned that Pearl Harbour had been attacked by the Japanese thereupon they realised that they had plotted the enemy approaching Hawaii for more than half an hour.

According to John Bennet’s “SIGNAL COMPANY, AIRCRAFT WARNING, HAWAII ORGANIZATIONAL HISTORY”, between Thanksgiving and December 3, 1941, these SCR-270B radar stations had been operated for a period of 24-hours a day. Then on December 4th, the SCR-270Bs switched to a different schedule.  So on the fateful day of Sunday, December 7th 1941, Opana only operated from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM, per order of the Headquarters, Hawaii District.


France? No Problem. UK? Er, we’ll have to check.

Featured in the video below are two yachts competing in the Vendee Globe round-the-world race. Interesting video because it was shot almost entirely by the helicopter crew from the French frigate Nivôse. I feature the video of the race for two reasons: a Brit is one of the two leaders of this truly terrifying race; and the other is because the French have warships which can be depended upon to actually go somewhere, have a check up on the little guys, and then return: which is more than we can claim!

Election 1997…..and the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles.

I listen, most mornings, to the interminable wittering which is broadcast under the title BBC Today. It is the Flagship political, news and current affairs programme on Radio 4, six days a week: and it depresses me every time I switch on, because (usually) of the Lefty-Liberal emphasis placed upon everything which comes across the news editors’ desks and thence, through the ether, into our homes. Take a typical cross-section of the news and views over the past three-four weeks, and let us examine certain things in detail.

BBC coverage of the Presidential Candidates Nomination; and then on to the Election. It ranged from commentary such as Justin Webb calling Donald Trump  “a racist, misogynist, narcissistic thug” to an incredulous BBC reporter’s view of Trump’s loyal vanguard. He honestly could not comprehend what those Americans found to acclaim, or even applaud someone whom he literally disliked so much.

The incredible truth of Trump’s victory,  which began to arrive on the screens of news watchers the world over, was literally, the end of their world. One BBC news director was reported as being in tears.

The death of Andrew Sachs, he of ‘Manuel’ fame was covered in great detail; with story after story of how funny he had been, how kind, and nice, and how he was a good actor etc., etc. But the one thing which I remember about Andrew Sachs, which was about the disgusting so-called skit covering his granddaughter; with voice-mail messages broadcast for all to hear from the so-called comedians Russell Brand and his co-conspirator Ross, which literally turned Sachs white with fury, and eventually resulted in Brand being ‘resigned’ from the BBC, and Ross suspended for three months: with the BBC being fined £150,000.00 by Ofcom. Nothing, not one single syllable, about that vicious attack on a man, was even mentioned, in an apologetic way, or was broadcast.

But the item which truly took the prize was, for me; the reporting and commentary on the death of Fidel Castro. From a selection of comments and tributes, one would have thought that either a living saint, or a very holy person had died; not, as in reality, a murderous dictator. For literally hours, the tributes poured out, about how he had given Cuba a Health Service, and Schools, and all the rest of the lefty blather. It was not until this morning, when a lone representative of Cuban-America spoke up, and indeed was actually allowed to have his say about the disastrous regime which was Castro’s Cuba. The clip, at 33.30 into the broadcast, is well worth listening too, and is doubly enlightening because it was probably the ONLY negative viewpoint broadcast over the entire time of Castro’s death coverage!

Who is calling? Ah; put him straight through.

America has diplomatic relations with all Nations except four; these are Iran, North Korea, Bhutan and Taiwan. Iran because, well for the obvious reasons; the ‘Great Satan’ name-calling for one, the detention of the Embassy staff for another, the fact that Iran sponsors terror world-wide: those sorts of reasons. North Korea, because, well, you just cannot speak to, or indeed trust, nuclear-weaponed chrome-plated nutcases. Bhutan; well neither Nation can really be bothered. But the last, Taiwan: now there’s a special case if ever there was one.

Taiwan, or to give that splendidly-prosperous country its correct name; The Republic of China, is one of this world’s diplomatic anomalies. A vibrant, raucous Democracy, with a Parliament, votes, Opposition, free press; but it is literally ignored, in diplomacy terms, by almost every other nation on the planet. Ignored for one, and only one, reason. China. Communist China regards Taiwan as simply a part of China which, possibly because the island’s rulers  are insane, have deluded themselves into the belief that they are not part of Mainland China. America does not recognise Taiwan, a truly democratic nation BECAUSE Big Brother China doesn’t like it, won’t engage with the ‘deluded rebels’ despite the huge amount of trade between the two nations; and ‘throws a hissy-fit’ every time anyone even mentions their small neighbour 140-odd miles away from the mainland.

So President-Elect Donald Trump, who has just broken four decades of diplomatic silence with a phone call to Taiwan’s President; is, even before he sets foot in the White House, showing that he takes instructions from no-one, especially a State Department whose only dictat is ‘Don’t rock the boat’!

Good on you, Donald. Next thing on your agenda? Set up a well-lit meeting with the Dalai Llama; the only man worth talking to in the whole of the Chinese hegemony.

Carnival Cruises…..or how to bet Your Environment to save pocket change!


Carnival Cruises…..We’ve all heard of them; seen the videos of the happy passengers afloat, (all 4,500 of them, together ( possibly the most revolting idea ever imagined)). Sunning, swimming, zip-lining, water-sporting, eating, DRINKING; and if I am any judge of massed cruising passengers, screwing. But lets not be judgemental: they’ve paid for the freedom of the seas, so let inhibitions loose, just a little. These monstrous floating apartment blocks, which incidentally come with a set of engines, azipod drives and an experienced crew, serve the purpose for which they are designed; literally to a T.

As the Carnival 2015 Sustainability Report states, Carnival continues detailing progress made in environmental, safety, employee and social areas. Sustainability milestones achieved underscore company’s commitment to protecting the environment and include reduction of carbon footprint, increased fleet-wide capacity of advanced wastewater purification systems and exhaust gas cleaning technology, and increased usage of clean-burning liquefied natural gas as a fuel source.

Which is rather surprising as they have just been fined $40,000,000.00 from pumping oil, gray water, bilge water and mixtures of all three into the ocean from specially-constructed and hidden ‘Magic Pipes’ into the ocean in clear contravention of every anti-pollution ordinance in both America and Great Britain.


Organ donor? Or unwilling body parts warehouse shelf?

When organ transplantation was pioneered in 1954, it was hailed as a giant step forward in medical technology, and a hope that many people, who were suffering from diseased, infected or failing bodily organs could be saved, and fulfill their dreams. From the first liver transplant at Boston’s Brigham Women’s hospital in 1954, the urge for development has spread like wildfire. The first heart transplant was performed by Professor Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town when I lived in that fair city, and, within a few years, the field of organ transplant spread vertically and horizontally; encompassing most if not all of the body’s major organs. So far; so good; one may have imagined: but there is a darker side to this proposition,  which, simply states that your Body, and all its organs, are the property of the State, and therefore the State can do what it likes with our mortal remains when we die.

I have written of the atrocities of life under the Communist ideology of Soviet Russia, and of the idea that the State has nurtured you from birth, therefore you are a servant, if not a property; of that overwhelming State. I have watched as that idea was monstrously and viciously brought to life in a former Communist State, and I do not wish to see anything like it anywhere in the country which is my home. I have posted before of the Welsh Transplant Vultures. The Welsh would-be Dictatorship a.k.a the Welsh Assembly altered the law regarding organ donors last year, and a senior surgeon proudly boasted this morning that 39 more transplant operations were performed after ‘Presumed-Consent’ organs were removed from patients bodies whilst they were still technically alive: and the alarming part of this vulture’s speech was that he was proud of that ghoulish statistic. The DVLA driving licence questionnaire cannot now be completed until you answer the question ‘Do you agree to donate your organs after death?’ There is no answer ‘No, I bloody will not’: the only acceptable answers are either ‘Yes’ or ‘Not now’. It is but a short step before the only answer allowed is ‘YES’!

Write your MP today, if you agree with me, and state, categorically, that the State does not own your body; and you can peacefully die without the harbingers of death hovering around your death bed, awaiting the signal to begin to tear your organs out of your still-warm corpse!