Organ donor? Or unwilling body parts warehouse shelf?

When organ transplantation was pioneered in 1954, it was hailed as a giant step forward in medical technology, and a hope that many people, who were suffering from diseased, infected or failing bodily organs could be saved, and fulfill their dreams. From the first liver transplant at Boston’s Brigham Women’s hospital in 1954, the urge for development has spread like wildfire. The first heart transplant was performed by Professor Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town when I lived in that fair city, and, within a few years, the field of organ transplant spread vertically and horizontally; encompassing most if not all of the body’s major organs. So far; so good; one may have imagined: but there is a darker side to this proposition,  which, simply states that your Body, and all its organs, are the property of the State, and therefore the State can do what it likes with our mortal remains when we die.

I have written of the atrocities of life under the Communist ideology of Soviet Russia, and of the idea that the State has nurtured you from birth, therefore you are a servant, if not a property; of that overwhelming State. I have watched as that idea was monstrously and viciously brought to life in a former Communist State, and I do not wish to see anything like it anywhere in the country which is my home. I have posted before of the Welsh Transplant Vultures. The Welsh would-be Dictatorship a.k.a the Welsh Assembly altered the law regarding organ donors last year, and a senior surgeon proudly boasted this morning that 39 more transplant operations were performed after ‘Presumed-Consent’ organs were removed from patients bodies whilst they were still technically alive: and the alarming part of this vulture’s speech was that he was proud of that ghoulish statistic. The DVLA driving licence questionnaire cannot now be completed until you answer the question ‘Do you agree to donate your organs after death?’ There is no answer ‘No, I bloody will not’: the only acceptable answers are either ‘Yes’ or ‘Not now’. It is but a short step before the only answer allowed is ‘YES’!

Write your MP today, if you agree with me, and state, categorically, that the State does not own your body; and you can peacefully die without the harbingers of death hovering around your death bed, awaiting the signal to begin to tear your organs out of your still-warm corpse!

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