Carnival Cruises…..or how to bet Your Environment to save pocket change!


Carnival Cruises…..We’ve all heard of them; seen the videos of the happy passengers afloat, (all 4,500 of them, together ( possibly the most revolting idea ever imagined)). Sunning, swimming, zip-lining, water-sporting, eating, DRINKING; and if I am any judge of massed cruising passengers, screwing. But lets not be judgemental: they’ve paid for the freedom of the seas, so let inhibitions loose, just a little. These monstrous floating apartment blocks, which incidentally come with a set of engines, azipod drives and an experienced crew, serve the purpose for which they are designed; literally to a T.

As the Carnival 2015 Sustainability Report states, Carnival continues detailing progress made in environmental, safety, employee and social areas. Sustainability milestones achieved underscore company’s commitment to protecting the environment and include reduction of carbon footprint, increased fleet-wide capacity of advanced wastewater purification systems and exhaust gas cleaning technology, and increased usage of clean-burning liquefied natural gas as a fuel source.

Which is rather surprising as they have just been fined $40,000,000.00 from pumping oil, gray water, bilge water and mixtures of all three into the ocean from specially-constructed and hidden ‘Magic Pipes’ into the ocean in clear contravention of every anti-pollution ordinance in both America and Great Britain.


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