and one of the many ‘Benefits’ from our membership…

…of the European Union is the truth that we cannot even consider placing this sub-human specimen up against a wall, and ending his miserable existence with a full firing squad; never mind a noose and a six-foot drop!  Those were the days!

Facebook picture from open profile of Tia Oskar. Kane Kennedy has today (Wednesday, December 7th) been convicted of murdering his seven month old son Oskar Jobey-Kennedy. He was found guilty by a unanimous jury of killing baby Oskar Jobey-Kennedy by smothering him at a flat in Morecambe between Wednesday, September 30th and Thursday, October 1st 2015. The prosecution alleged that at some time during the night Kennedy had forcibly got hold of the baby’s testes causing injuries and then pushed his fingers into Oskar’s mouth, possibly in a bid to silence him, and put his hand over his mouth deliberately smothering the child. Kennedy had denied murder but was convicted after a trial at Preston Crown Court. He will be sentenced next week.

The accompanying photo is of tiny Oskar Jobey-Kennedy, the victim of the pond-life specimen whom we shall have to feed, shelter and support in centrally-heated comfort in our five-star prison system.


R.I.P. Oskar.


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