News, or whatever turns you off!

I used to do a weekly roundup of the news which either piqued my interest, or was sufficiently off track to be entertaining, amusing; or of the type which made my blood curdle; so thought I might serve up a small selection to see what grips the imagination. I shall leave it to the reader to judge what my reactions would be to each item.

Jeremy Hunt refuses to clear the adding of Folic Acid to white bread flour, an addition which has been proposed many, many times, but fortunately the various governments of both stripes have very wisely refused to allow the mass-medication of all those in the United Kingdom. The ‘scientists’ have pleaded, begged and even demanded that, because of a deemed weakness in certain mothers-to-be, they should be given the right to shovel large vats of Folic Acid into the flour bins of Britain. The fact that folic acid is freely available in multi-vitamin form is dismissed, as the ‘scientists know’ that advice alone will not increase the uptake, so they wish to force feed everyone, despite many warnings against this type of action!

One more instance of the truly weird idea that some clowns have of their ability to both own and ‘control’ a large, truly aggressive and vicious dog; especially in the possible presence if very small children. Now I myself have commented previously on the mindset of this type of ‘animal lover’. But the truly weird side of this particular story is that the ‘owner’ is a serving policewoman: who issued a statement as follows:-

‘I am a serving Essex Police officer, but more importantly I am a wife, a sister, a daughter and an auntie. ‘We are still struggling to comprehend the circumstances we find ourselves in, having lost our gorgeous Archie Bum and seeing Daniel fighting on. We cannot believe this has happened, and would never have risked the lives of our precious nephews. It was our dog which did this and we will have to carry that burden and learn to cope with it.
‘However, what is most important now is that we support our family.’

Not a word confirming that the bloody dog is dead, but hey; the distraught couple have another child, and they can always breed again!

I have always believed that the best way to treat ALL the Bogus Illegal Immigrants, chancers, liars, thieves and vagabonds clustering under the tent of ‘Migration’ should be placed in one place, possibly a remote Scottish island such as Gruinard, and left there to fend for themselves until they agree to piss off back to the cess-pits they erupted from. But I reckon the early cleansing or extinguishing, as demonstrated by this news story, isn’t the way forward, as it takes such a time to clean the blood off the pavements!

As a man with a very, very close connection to the machinery and company on display in this story, all I would state is that the words in the news item are very carefully chosen, but do NOT carry the full truth; especially the bit painted on the cabin-side of the front driver’s section; which states:- DESIGNED in JAPAN; BUILT in BRITAIN.