Ready-Use-Locker of Life

Having espied a spare thirteen milliseconds from my daily grind, or round, or whatever; I thought I might make a list of the items essential to my mental well-being which I have stashed close to hand in my expanded living room (expanded because I had the dividing wall knocked away some ten-odd years ago). I list them in order of priorities:-

  • Mobile Walkie-Talkie handset-so my wife can alert and call me, so I can tend to her needs.
  • Multitude of photographs of family and grandsons; as a reminder that immortality endures.
  • Box of toys so my two grandsons can feel immediately at home when those footsteps announce that three of my four small, vital treasures (the third is carried by his Mom, my daughter-in-law, as he cannot walk by himself, as he is still very young) have arrived to send their joyous noise throughout my home.
  • (Fairly) advanced hi-fi system, complete with set of decent speakers, to play the music which soothes, which livens, which invigorates my very soul. I do admit having browsed through the pile of articles rhapsodising about the delights and advances of equipment powered by valve technology, as well as the alleged aural advances of recordings stored and played on vinyl. The truly daftest thing I ever read about the so-called advantages of valve audio electronics was the fact that they are immune to the EMP (Electro-Magnetic Effect) generated by a nuclear blast. I would humbly submit that the last thing you would be worrying about after a nuclear attack would be the problems of being able to be listening to any music at all!
  • Computer holding advanced digital copies of hundreds of tracks speedily accessible  by system listed previously.
  • Four shelves full of books without which I cannot envisage life. For examples and opinions (all mine own), I give the reader  my own opinion of the minor masterpieces which have been my guide in so many ways.
  • Remote controls for tv, hi-fi, a-v system & Blu-ray dvd.
  • Mobile & Land-line phones.
  • Access to a decent cup of coffee.