A message to the NHS….Get Stuffed!

Is it just me; or are there other sentient beings out there who just bloody dislike being patronised beyond belief, just because we have collectively past the sixth decade of our existence. We know how to earn a living, some of us more successfully than others; we know when symptoms tell us we have the ‘Lurgi, or something is out of kilter within our bodily systems: we just know how to look after ourselves; we have been fairly successful for decades; we even know how to bloody react when frigging winter arrives.

So the last thing we need is to have this bunch of pillocks popping up all over the bloody telly, explaining in such sweet terms that we should keep warm, and go to the bloody chemist if you have a friggin’ cold, and just ‘know’ that the friggin’ NHS is here for us all: instead of really being there for themselves!

Bah, ‘effing humbug!

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