The phrase which really says it all!

If there were 945 cars burnt-out in England, Scotland or Wales on any weekend, never mind on New Years’ Eve, there would be six-inch-high Banner Headlines on all the MSM front pages, Parliament would probably be recalled for the Prime Minister to answer urgent questions from the Opposition (if we had an Opposition, that is). The Army would probably have been released onto the streets, and scents of revolution would be in the air. (I don’t include Northern Ireland in my comments, as the IRA scum, combined with the alleged Loyalist semi-scum: are equally devoted to the odd bout of pyromania; and should therefore be excluded on that basis).


So, on the basis that all 28 EU member states are as one, what do OoL readers think of the French Government’s comments that the New Years’ Eve ‘Celebrations’ went particularly well?

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