…and sure we’ll all sing together when he goes!

I am not normally a vindictive person. I do not hate anyone. Life, as I have discovered, is far too short to hold grudges, prolong bitter disagreements or at least never to attempt reconciliation.

There are a very small number of creatures (the reader will note that I do not refer to them as men or women), that, however I gaze on their lives, visions and goals; I must state that the only emotion which is conjured within my mind is that of true detestation. These people, enemies of everything that I and many like me hold so dear, are, to my eternal regret, either office holders within the Province; or elected Members within the Northern Ireland Assembly.

So it is with a deep and growing happiness that I note, with a conspicuous absence of sadness, that the murderer and terrorist godfather Martin McGuinness is scheduled for an early grave. It is indeed a great pity that he will not die in jail, but, there again, in life, one cannot have everything!


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