Michael McGibbon …..shot and murdered……IRASinnFein or   ‘dissidents’

Adrian Ismay….murdered by Booby trap bomb……IRASinnFein or   ‘dissidents’

David Byrne…shot at boxing match….Continuity IRASinnFein

Eddie Hutch Snr. …..revenge killing…Continuity IRASinnFein

Eight bullets hit police car…no-one injured as window was bullet-proofed


Devolved Northern Ireland’s Government under threat after resignation of Martin McGuinness. If the innumerable attacks, punishment beatings, terror threats weren’t enough to prove that the so-called Peace Process is neither peaceful nor any form of accepted process; and just viewing the murders (not just a few BUMPS as detailed by the traitor Peter Hain at 01.52 into interview) as listed above, let’s get a new deal in place. A deal which does not attack pensioners for lawful activities when they were soldiers; a deal which puts murderers back in the slammer where they belong; and which does not allow the apostles of murder and terror to sit in a Government in Stormont.