If it seems too good to be true…….

Most readers have probably read or seen the same claims as I: the screen upon screen detailing the wonderful possibilities ahead if you only buy this; or invest in that: or worse; to follow this routine, or path, or even belief. It all depends on how credible the claim for whatever is being touted is given, how credulous the reader is, and how desperate they may become; especially in the fields of health, sickness and of death.

We can and should learn from the sad tales of celebrities, people with far too much money, but with an alarming attitude which states, ‘This guy seems to know what the problem is, despite all medical experts deriding him; so we’ll just give it a whirl’. We should study the sad decline and nasty death of Steve McQueen; diagnosed with mesothelioma, or cancer of the lining of the lungs. Instead of listening to his doctors, he signed up with a medical guy who had lost his licence, and travelled to a Mexican hospital. Five months, and probably many thousands of dollars later, he died after major surgery failed to bring him ease.

We should also look at a modern tragedy, where a young woman named Naima Houder-Mohammed was commissioned as a Captain in the British Army. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and was declared free after treatment; but the cancer returned, and she was told to prepare for the worst. She refused to accept this diagnosis, and instead went onto t’Internet, and there found hope in the form of Robert Young and his ‘miracle cure’. $77,000.00 dollars later she was flown home to die with her family.

Some may well argue that we all have free will, and we all go into these situations with our eyes wide open: but ‘Baking Soda’? I propose that every computer, every tablet or lap-top, should come with a large wooden sign, which states “If it seems too good to be true…It usually is”.

End of sermon.

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