..and its my bleeding ball.

This is probably the best time for all those lists: the best film, best performance, best director, film with most bows towards a ‘diversity’ target: we’ve all seen them, and quite a few of us wish that there might be a few less lists: but there again there is simply no accounting for taste. We are all human, with our own frailties evident, and one man/woman/it/hesheits/other’s preference are as diverse as the winds.

So, I decided to hold my own contest, entitled ‘The Best Blog Post Title over the Presidential Contest 2016-17’ (it probably isn’t the most zingiest heading ever, but, hey, its my bloody contest!).

After extensive searches through my bookmarks, random plinking with my trackpad (far more comfortable and user-friendly than a mouse) and even engaging my laptop as a backup search facility, I came up with the finalists:-

In reverse order…..

4…………David Duff’s always acerbic blog.

3…………One of Raedwald’s spicier titles.

2………..My mate James’s effort; just pipped at the post for top position.

1………..From across the Pond, an ex-military man’s truly apt winner