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I have written, commenting upon the actions and statements of the self-publicising McCanns before: but never before have I nodded in satisfaction, as I did upon reading of the collapse of their Libel trial in Portugal.

This pair of delusional fools, bolstered by the idea that people actually believed in them, took umbrage at a book by a Portuguese policeman, within which was the opinion that he (the policeman) believed that the McCanns were instrumental in the disappearance of their daughter’s body after finding her dead. After receiving the bill for the legal services, as well as the damages which will be awarded when the policeman countersues for damages, I suppose we shall see the McCanns ‘crowdfunding’ for ever more cash to replace the millions which have been frittered away

The true fate of this tiny child is unknown. Her remains may be buried at some remote beach, she may be still alive and being cared for by some mother who, sick in mind herself, believes that she is the answer to her prayers; she might have been trafficked towards a sordid and sickening end within the clutches of a paedophile: all views are valid. But what should not be in doubt is the opinion, the very belief that the McCanns themselves were the ones who facilitated her disappearance by the fact that they left that small girl, along with her brother and sister; alone in the apartment bedroom whilst they went boozing down the road with their mates.

Imagine if the parents had actually been named Wayne and Chardonnay, both uneducated beyond the true basics offered by the British education system; imagine if they gave off the image of a couple of ‘chavs’, reeking of the combined odours of booze and smokes; a literal Essex couple. Imagine if ‘Wayne/Chardonnay’ had been targeted by a relentless media, ever intent on providing ever juicier headlines for the plebs back home. Would they have been able to manipulate a Press and TV sector to the extent that the McCanns did, and indeed continue to do?

I remain firmly of the opinion, as I wrote previously; that, upon their return from Portugal, they should have received a visit from Social Services, who would be determined to check whether this duo were indeed suitable to be classed as ‘parents’ for their remaining children, and to have swiftly removed them from a couple who left their daughter completely unprotected!

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