Be still, and know that I am God!

Whilst I am not ‘religious’ in any sense of the word, despite years of adherence to a particular faith; as I ‘saw the light’ quite a number of years ago; I accept that religion, and an accompanying belief in one sort of Supreme Being or another gives solace and meaning to billions upon this planet. When we married, we stood before an altar, and made a vow; and that vow, despite leaving the church, still means everything to me!

Everyone else has just as much right to adhere to one form or another, although some of the rituals and beliefs are, to a rational mind; just a tad absurd: but hey, who is authoritative enough to state categorically that Mohammed did not fly from the Dome of the Rock towards heaven on the back of a flying horse: or that Jesus was in actual fact not born of a Virgin; or that when the Eucharist is taken during a service, this is not the very essence of the Son of God; or that Siddhārtha Gautama was not a Deity?


When you look upon the Universe, and behold its wonders; could it be that all this was achieved by the Hand of God; and of what shape was that Hand?


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