Survey to be renamed:- Why not keep them out?

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) is one of many ‘think tanks’ which ponder and comment upon political decisions, national views and relations between Sovereign States. They are liberal and cosmopolitan in outlook (perhaps too liberal, sometimes), but their views and research are amongst those considered to be at least 22 carat proof.

They recently undertook a ten nation survey to establish, as far as can be ascertained by polling methods, those Nations views on Muslim Immigration within those States. The results are, to anyone who thinks as ’conservatives’ generally do, truly fascinating from a viewpoint of how far distant from the ‘progressive; liberal’ viewpoints so prevalent within the MSM lickspittles who publish their twisted views, and who also denigrate ANYONE who disagrees with their collective agenda.

The proposal under discussion, asked days before Trumps ban on migration from only seven mainly Muslim countries: and asked of the ten thousand respondents from ten European Nations was both simple, and direct. It proposed ‘All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’.

Chatham House’s own opinion was, to a conservative mind, explanatory of their own philosophies; they stated ‘Our results are striking and sobering’. They suggest that public opposition to any further migration from predominantly Muslim states is by no means confined to Trump’s electorate in the US but is fairly widespread.

I have posted a couple of times using my favourite expression concerning our militant Islamic friends; viz. The Fifth Column, and I see from the survey’s results that I am by no means alone. And I hope that the readership will, once again, note that the organisations reporting the results of this survey, or at least mentioning the same; definitely do not include such worthies such as the BBC or the Guardian. I do so wonder why!