by such slipshod rulings do we descend into anarchy!

It is not often that I write of unjust, or rigged trials, especially murder trials, but it was only after I heard of the so-called ‘Great Get-Together’ series of parties and celebrations to be held on the anniversary of a Labour M.P.’s death that I decided to pen these few words of derision. The same MP whose death was considered so tragic, so crucial, that the British Parliament was recalled so that everyone could sob a little, and then sing Kumbaya in reverent remembrance.

But back to that flawed ‘trial and conviction’; for I wish to explore the very pillars upon which that trial was held. Jo Cox was murdered, there could be no doubt of that, but was the killer afforded all that should have been given in any ordinary murder trial. We were told in evidence that there was a large quantity of ‘Far Right-material’ found in Mair’s home, but that was never listed or put forward in Court. For many years, I used to own a copy of Mein Kampf, but disposed of it some time back during a clear-out. Does that make me a co-conspirator, or even a putative mass-murderer? There was also a metal Third Reich Eagle with Swastika insignia present, but that only proves he was a fan of old Adolf’s views, as were some seventy million Germans when Hitler was making with the strong-man blether; and proving that the vast majority of Europe’s politicians were, collectively and singly, as defiant and resolved as a bunch of seaweed in their opposition to his demands and actions.

The defence counsel never even asked for his mental illness, or mental health, to be brought into the judicial equation, despite proof being available that he was seeking further treatment for his mental health, but instead of being given an initial evaluation, was told to ‘come back tomorrow’. Well he did ‘come back’, but with a very different outcome. Why was nothing of his mental health and/or illnesses mentioned in mitigation? Was he so very evil that he deserved the very Judicial Book being thrown at him? Was he virtually crucified on the altar of the Remoaners, because the EU Referendum was just weeks away? Nothing was put forward in that sick man’s defence to thin, or at least dilute, the thick and censorious porridge which was the travesty of the Prosecution. No-one could argue that he was not guilty of the murder; it was virtually filmed as it happened; but have we all forgotten the basic truth that mercy should be the prerogative of princes? I do believe that Mair got a pretty raw deal, and that rawness was exacerbated by the Judge allowing a snivelling input by Stephen Kinnock BEFORE the jury had brought their verdict back to the court. The Judge also commented on Mair’s silence in his defence, against common usage which dictates that the Prosecution Counsel should, and is allowed to comment upon that silence, but none other!

I am not saying that Thomas Mair should be freed: I would argue that he should have been given the benefit of the doubt, and sent to an approved Mental Institution by virtue of his insanity. He might never be freed, but at least he should be given that chance, instead of being sent to rot in prison, simply because he was the victim of a biased prosecution, a slipshod defence; and because his victim was a ‘high-profile’ MP, instead of just another person!

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