Lead; kindly light.

I receive advisory and targeted e-mails from many organisations, most of which end up in my ‘trash bag’; as I filter them away from an in-box which is kept for those deserving, i.m.h.o. of course, of my valuable time and consideration. Many of these messages are from people/organisations who have been in contact previously, and of course with t’Internet’s well-known ability to keep everything on file, they don’t even need to use a mouse to send out thousands of messages; so the marketing/garbage/advertising/propaganda goes on, and on: etc. I group just about all (fake) charities as one with the rest of the background; but occasionally, I hear from a group who are worthy of a second glance, and who also perform a tremendous service to the Nation, although I do believe that they would shrink from such an acclimation. They are the Christian Institute, a campaigning bunch whose efforts are based, fairly obviously, around Christians, Christianity in Great Britain and the gross attempts by many politicians and their fellow-travellers , such as the appalling ‘Dame Louise Casey’ to stifle debate, free speech and the very existence and use of a conscience within our daily lives.
Don’t get me wrong, as a man of, these days, almost an atheist’s viewpoint; I am somewhat bewildered by their steady belief in the existence of a God, with a Son who came to birth in Bethlehem by means of a virgin conception, and a third member of the Trinity, namely the Holy Spirit: but with over a billion believers, they obviously reckon that theirs is the message. But I admire them mostly because they use the Law to avail themselves of relief from oppressive and overbearing legislation; and they are both feared and respected by their opponents.

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