Its just not nice to share!

I would like to talk this morning about courage; moral courage; the ability to stand up and speak out sometimes against overwhelming odds because you feel that this is the right thing to do. I have faced down bullies who were literally twice my size and strength, I have stood up for others; I have complained in the strongest possible manner, I have literally laid my job on the line in pursuit of a real safety-at-work worry: all because of the Mantra by which I live, which, loosely translated, states: ‘If you believe that something is wrong, you have to do something about it!’

In that spirit, I would like to write about George Ciccariello-Maher, who is a Professor at Drexel University, a University in Philadelphia, whose published slogan is:- Set it free at Drexel University. ……….Ordinary students take tests. At Drexel, you will test the world.  So this Professor was seated on a jet, and watched as a First-Class Passenger stood, and offered his seat to a serving uniformed soldier. Never said a word, kept his loose trap tight shut, despite the very real moral outrage occasioned by an ordinary American showing courtesy to a uniformed killer (the professor’s definition) by offering his much more comfy seat.

Only when his journey had finished, and he was off the aircraft, did this intellectual burst into electronic outrage by ‘Tweeting’ about this immense horror he had been forced to witness. Just imagine; that super-comfortable seat was being befouled by having a chocolate-chip camouflage BDU-wearing killer lounging around in its truly expensive isolation! Or was he simply outraged at not being offered the upgrade himself; being as he deserved it, because professors are part of the elite.

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I just wonder if the good professor, ultra-secure in his tenured post at Drexel and with his no-doubt palatial home in the sleepy Philadelphia suburbs, would be quite so vocal if his home, and all the other homes, were not protected by policemen carrying guns, and were subject to the random violence which is the hallmark of a failed State. Would he have burst in digital messaging if the Armed Forces, represented on that aircraft by a uniformed soldier;  were not deployed ready to protect their fellow Americans? Does he know, and does he even accept; the thought processes behind the aphorism:-

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

Or as Orwell wrote:- In his 1945 “Notes on Nationalism”, Orwell wrote that pacifists cannot accept the statement “Those who ‘abjure’ violence can do so only because others are committing violence on their behalf.”,

And as Aaron Sorkin said, through his character’s scripted speech in ‘A Few Good Men’:-  “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it.”


It is true that Drexel University has already provided cover for the seemingly-pacifist professor when he spoke of ‘Wishing for a White Genocide’ by labelling his words as ‘protected’, but methinks the professor might wish he had kept his big trap shut, and his hands in his pockets, instead of insultingly tweeting because he had to share a jet with a serving soldier; and one in a first-class seat at that!

We are living in a lie (Part two)

Listening this morning to the briefing from a senior Met. copper on the aftermath to the Westminster Muslim savagery, and was struck by one statement in particular. He was asking for help from the general public with regard to the movements of the killer in the days and weeks before he murdered and maimed those people on the bridge, ending with the death of a policeman before he went down under the bullets from that policeman’s colleague.

What he said was so revealing about the perceived attitude of the British public in general, and especially our (British) viewpoint towards the 2.5 million muslims in our midst: the 2.5 million Muslims which we, as a Nation, never invited to land on our shores; the 2.5 million Muslims whom we were never actually advised would be flooding our cities and towns; the 2.5 million Muslims who were drawn here by our lavish Social Security provisions; the 2.5 million Muslims who, it is true, remain subservient to Their Religion; Their ideas of cultural behaviour; Their ideas of justice; Their ideas of politics; and Their ideas of how their women should be treated and viewed.

His words were, (verbatim)  “There might be people out there who did have concerns about Masood but did not feel comfortable for whatever reason in passing those concerns to us.”

Now I have a fair level of education, and reasonable deductive skills; but there is but one translation, one explanation for his words with regard to the dead terrorist; and it is this:-

“Even if you saw, heard, guessed or realised something about this man’s behaviour which was apart from the norm, but did not say or report this because it (the reported or observed deviant or troubling behaviour) was being carried out by a brown- or dark-skinned man; and the very idea that someone in THAT bracket was even being regarded as a possible criminal was tantamount to; you guessed it: RACISM! We, as a nation, have become so inured to the liberal-lefty clarion call that they, the ‘effing Muslims, and associated to them all people of a different skin colour to ours, have to be treated with velvet-lined gloves for fear of ‘offending’ them that we just do not even bother, because our very comments are treated with scepticism, cynicism and suspicion that we might be guilty of ‘Far-right-Wing Beliefs and thoughts! The same clarion call, every time some murderous Muslim comes racketing out of obscurity, laden with his suicide belt at the ready; is the same: No, this isn’t Islam at work; no ways, he has been ‘RADICALIZED’, the ordinary, good, industrious, hard-working Muslims in Britain don’t believe in the same things he does: they are just so misunderstood it beggars belief that anyone would think that they subscribe to the same ideology as the mad man/mad woman (delete where necessary) who has just committed the latest atrocity.”

Over the years I have been writing and commenting upon local and national politics, I have seen the gradual disappearance of independent thought and speech in this country which has for so long stood for the very idea that what you believe in can be enunciated without fear or favour. As a final, but very relevant query, I would ask the following question: When did you last see a frank and critical commentary about Muslim thoughts, ideals or indeed ideology in either the major print publications or on any nation’s television screens? Self-censorship by the people who run our newspapers, who produce our t.v. programming; it all amounts to the same thing; they are all shit-scared of more of this, or this, or even, Allah providing, THIS!

We are living in a lie

One must ask; why the waste? I point to the gross waste of at least seven pairs of latex gloves, the wasteful use and cost of an expensive wheeled gurney, the use of expensive medical patches and other equipment used to presumably attempt to save the life of this ‘Asian-Appearance’ man who had targeted, indiscriminately, so many pedestrians during his mad motorised dash over Westminster Bridge; before running into the precincts of the Houses of Parliament, where he died, but not before killing an unarmed policeman. Why were three paramedics and three other emergency service personnel clustered around the body of a murderer? He was brought down with three bullets; why not let him lie in his own blood like the scum he was: and once his identity was  determined, he should have been given the end he so richly deserved, his corpse should have been unceremoniously tipped into the Thames, and left to disintegrate. Why the use of an expensive and well-equipped ambulance to cart his Muslim corpse to take up space in an expensive morgue, where further well-educated and expensive pathology staff would carefully, but oh so respectfully, state that the MUSLIM murderer was, in fact, dead?

Almost the first item, related by a very senior policeman, was to reassure ‘MUSLIM COMMUNITIES’ that they must continue to have nothing to fear through retaliation from an angry and inflamed mob of British people. What about the needed reassurance to that same British, WHITE community whose very land has been polluted by the pus and bile of the MUSLIMS who have so carefully and strategically been allowed to fester within our midst. Why should, for instance, airline passengers all be targeted for a screen and search, when plain common sense dictates that only brown- and dark-skinned travellers need be checked ultra-thoroughly. As I have maybe stated before, there aren’t many 76-year-old White, silver-haired and bearded Geordie suicide bombers around, so why am I, and everyone other British-born white persons like me, searched so zealously before boarding an aircraft?

In a choreographed statement, the MUSLIM mayor of London has arranged for a six p.m. Farce in Trafalgar Square, where he, and all the other luvvies, fools and fellow-travellers will light their f**king candles, and make the heart-shapes with their hands, to show that #wearenotafraid, and all the other liberal bullshit. Another glorious WASTE; of time, of diesel and petrol, in order to tell each other that just one or two MUSLIMS who want to kill and maim do not, and cannot ever, represent the minds and thoughts of the 2.5-odd Million Muslims, who actually are kind of nice, and decent, and hard-working, and honest, and law-abiding: and who would never, ever, harm a single hair on our stupid, trusting ‘effing heads: despite the calls from their bloody prayer book to use a sword, and kill the Kuffar!

The seventeen million-odd who voted to get out of the EU voted for many, varied and complex reasons; but the one item which really resonates with most was never, ever mentioned in all the debates, tv discussions, hustings and activist get-togethers was the simple truth that EU migrants coming into Great Britain were never really an issue, except maybe for the scum and cess-pit dwellers from Romania and Bulgaria. The migrants from the Baltic States, from Poland, from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and indeed from our former enemy Germany came in, and were welcomed, because they were not only of sturdy European stock, they spoke our language, they were and are super-industrious, they assimilated readily. A case in point is religion. Were readers aware that, throughout Northen Ireland and the Republic, congregations at Catholic churches have actually increased by a factor of three. The changing factor? Simply the huge influx of Polish people, strongly Roman Catholic, which has gone unnoticed except by those who look and search to see the truth. The real version of the ‘mass immigrants’ who turned those seventeen million towards leaving the EU was the fact that, Governments of both shades, but more heavily weighted on the Labour side, turned on the running immigration faucets from the Muslim nations of the Commonwealth, and the so-called ‘refugees’ from Afghanistan, along with those from Pakistan, homeland to so many who have been jailed for their part in the systematic rape of White British girls, and from Bangladesh.

Check out the districts heavily-populated by Muslims in Birmingham, in ‘Londonistan’ itself, and in places like Luton, Bradford, Rotherham and in the complexes around Manchester. There are literally no-go areas for both white women and for the Police.  The veils, the headscarves and the nauseating wails from the ‘effing minarets tell ordinary Englishmen that they are no longer welcome in their own towns, taken over by the Religion of Dominance, of Fear and of Terror.

We are lied to by the newspapers, by the broadcasters and of course by the people chosen carefully to both broadcast and print their twisted logic over the airwaves. The very morning after this Muslim (Muslim, not Islamic, but bloody Muslim) outrage, who gets prime time on the bloody BBC? Why its none other than the mealy-mouthed Brendan Cox, preaching that one murderous Muslim doesn’t represent all the thinking of the 2.5 million others. The same Brendan Cox who used his loudmouthed wife’s murder to instantly state that she died at the hands of a ‘far right winger’, when everyone else knew that he was a mentally-ill fruit-and-nut-case.

Katie Hopkins had it just about correct when she stated:-

This place is just like Sweden. Terrified of admitting the truth about the threat we face, about the horrors committed by the migrants we failed to deter — because to admit that we are sinking, and fast, would be to admit that everything the liberals believe is wrong.

That multiculturalism has not worked. That it is one big fat failure and one big fat lie.

President Erdogan of Turkey said there is a war being waged between the crescent and the cross. But he is wrong. Because the cross is not strong. We are down on bended knee, a doormat to be trodden on, a joke only funny to those that wish us harm.

The war is between London and the rest of the country. Between the liberals and the right-minded. Between those who think it is more important to tip-toe around the cultures of those who choose to join us, rather than defend our own culture.

She stated that these incidents are no longer unusual, but commonplace. How many more times? And how many more attacks must pass before we acknowledge these are no longer the acts of ‘extremists’? That there is no safe badge with which to hold these people at arm’s length, in the way the liberals casually use the term ‘far-right’ for anyone who has National pride.

These events are no longer extreme. They are commonplace. Every day occurrences.

These people are no longer extremists. They are simply more devout. More true to their beliefs. Beliefs which will be supported endlessly across our state broadcaster for the next few months until we buy into the narrative that one religion is not to blame.

That in fact we should blame Brexit supporters. For believing in a Britain. As it was before.

Anything but the truth.

This is why there is no anger from me this time, no rage. No nod for those who pretend we will not be cowed, even as they rush home to text their mum they are safe. No surprise that the city of which I was so proud is now punctured by fear, and demarcated even more formally by places we cannot tread; there were always parts in which a white woman could not safely walk.

Just switch ‘Eastbenders’ on, nothing to see here!

Don’t take any notice of this, or this, or indeed this.


Ignore the French schoolkids mown down by a car.


Don’t even think of retweeting some daft #weareallshitscared

In three weeks time, the whole thing will be seen either as a ‘WorkPlace violence’ incident: or an attack from a ‘Far Right Wing’ fringe mob. Nowt to do with Murderous Muslims! Nowt to do with Effing Islam! Not a whisper about the Fifth Column in our midst!


By their words and deeds shall ye know them!

Regarding the news of the death of the terrorist Martin McGuinness.

From Tony Blair, former prime minister, using the killers’ own terminology….”he firmly believed in The Armed Struggle.”

The words of Lord Norman Tebbit, whose wife remains paralysed from the bombing of the Grand Hotel…..”The world is a cleaner and sweeter place this morning!”

Some apologists state that the Belfast Peace Accord should be the memorial to their dead hero.

My own memorial is, as Lord Tebbit’s, a tad more pointed. McGuinness and his murderous band, terrorists all, tried to kill Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet, and they failed. 


My own view of the disgraceful period where members of British Governments actually sat down and negotiated with killers is both simple and simplistic: They, both the IRA and SinnFein, along with their relatives, supporters and all whom sympathised with their deadly so-called cause, should have been hunted down and shot like the vermin they were.


How to ‘REALLY’ protect your environment.

Imagine a situation where you, along with thousands of your fellow environmentalists, (with the accepted emphasis on ‘mentalists’) are actively impeding and protesting against the unlawful (as far as you are concerned, natch!) excavations for the installation of an oil pipeline under a sacred lake. You, and all your fellow protestors, are exercised against Big Business who are digging up burial grounds so that their pipes may deliver oil, instead of utilising hundreds of heavy trucks to deliver that same oil. Burial grounds, incidentally, where there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that anyone, Native American or otherwise, is actually buried there: mainly because Native American burial records are a tad sketchy; what with all the booze consumed during the alleged burial rituals, (but I digress). You are also protesting because the LAKE itself is sacred, and ‘the Spirits have not been reconciled’ (ongoing translation—–”Give us much more money, and we might consider it quits). So, thousands of your fellow ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners withstood a bitter North Dakota winter, to protest and stop ‘Big Guvvmint’ and ‘Big Oil’ from trampling all over the rights of the Native Americans, and the ‘Sacred Spirits’ of the waters.

However, Obama got kicked out, and a new voice is heard in Washington D.C. The Donald told the Army to get sorted, the injunctions were removed, the pipelines went in, and the oil is just about ready to flow.

Just a few items need further explanation.

  • The ‘sacred lake’, revered by all the protesters, is actually only sixty years old.
  • There is already a natural gas pipeline under the lake.
  • After the ’Environmental protesters were finally kicked off the various sites they had camped upon, the clean-up contractors removed 2,142 tons of garbage from the sites. They also removed from camp Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the camps, 44 abandoned vehicles, including three campers and two buses.
  • This total does not include the garbage which is still being collected from the part of the protest site which stood upon Standing Rock Sioux land.

Frying tonight?

The primary warning, from suppliers of anything powered by mains electricity, is that there should be a clear and solid distance between the item; whether a washing machine, an iron, a television or a bloody mobile phone: and running water. Engineers have spent untold years designing protections within the circuit boards, which of course hold the breakers which connect power to the various appliances within your home. The whole idea of insulation, of adequate protection from an electrical circuit, is so important that it should be treated as a subject in every school in the country. The basic rule is that no source of electrical supply should be accessible from a position where one can be in contact with water at the same time. Insulated operating cords of pull switches are permissible but they must be in accordance with BS 3676, which in most cases will be stamped or labeled on them.

Study, if you will, the diagram shown here.


Note the prominent position of the RCD, or Residual Current Device, fitted to protect against faults connected by idiots who know absolutely ‘sweet f*** all’ about something as deadly as electricity.

Now consider the case of the suicidal nitwit named Richard Bull, who obviously thought he knew better than the very armies of Electrical Engineering professionals who have literally ‘written the book’ on Electrical Safety in Bathrooms. Stupid, suicidal Richard, for whatever reason powered up an extension cable, then plugged the charger plug for his IPhone into the extension, and then got into the bath. The charger, which of course carries 240 volts and Mains Current, fell into the water. This meant that the ‘Live’ lead was feeding directly through the water, into ‘Thick Dick’s body’, and then to earth through the waste pipe of the bath. As the supply was obviously not protected by an Earth Leakage Breaker on the power sockets, the fault, which should have been disconnected within 200 milliseconds; was actually maintained permanently; and the poor bastard died from a fatal attack of the ‘stupids’.

His moronic brother Andrew said he was amazed such a small device can be fatal. He said: ‘We can all be careless at times, when you’re younger you’re taught about electricity and the bath but you don’t think about it.

‘I live in the US and they say it can’t happen, and that there is not enough electricity. But in the UK it is enough. You don’t think there is enough electricity but there is.

Dear God, why not keep your big trap shut, and let everyone assume you are a fool, instead of speaking out; and proving it beyond doubt?