When  the general public in England were made aware of the abuse, sexual torture and savagery inflicted on young children, both by Roman Catholic and Anglican clergy, and of the measures adopted by senior bishops to avoid even discussion of this abuse, there was general dismay. The opinions were levelled out into general areas such as ‘how could this be allowed to happen?’, along with the derisory ‘and these were supposed to be the men of God?’ From England to America, from Spain to Australia, the revelations, the agonised memories, buried in their very subconscious minds of the thousands of victims for so long, began to emerge. My own parish was rocked with the allegations levelled and proven against Adrian McCleish. The accusations shocked a generation; the men who were supposed to be the rocks upon which a whole community could rely upon were found to have feet of straw, never mind of clay: and no country was more shaken than the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland was indeed shaken to its very core because the whole Nation was suddenly awoken to the very real fact that there had been TWO Governments; the secular Irish government, with the elections, ministers and State departments: and also the invisible hand of the real Government, otherwise known as the Roman Catholic Church. From the largest cathedrals to parish churches, the agents of the Invisible Government, under the guise of priests, monsignors, bishops and archbishops; laid the law down, and ensured that THEIR words were taken and observed ahead of anything promulgated by the Dublin Government. Ever more cash was demanded for tithes to the church, and the beady eyes of those priests ensured that those who did not give were noted and berated. BIrth control and contraception were deemed a mortal sin, children and yet more children were the only results of a ‘good marriage’, and yet when the ignorant and uneducated Irish girls and women became pregnant outside of marriage, the response was to herd those ‘outcast’ pregnant girls and women into the Magdalene Lines, and also into the less than loving care of those women who went under the common title of Sisters of Bonne Secours in homes such as that at Tuam in Co. Galway.

The results are now being uncovered with ‘Significant Numbers’ of children’s bones,  unearthed after an Irish Government’s authorised excavation uncovered old sewage chambers backfilled with rubble and grassed over. The sisters of ‘Bonne Secours’ seem to have possibly had a direct role in the deaths and definitely the following unauthorised burial of many babies and small children. ‘S damn funny way to spell ‘Charity’, or even Mercy for that matter!

The initials in the post’s title? They spell out Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam; which translates as:-

To the Greater Glory of God.

Nods head; sighs; nods again.