When ‘spin’ does not rule!

As a direct result of T’Internet’s infinite web, we have available to us a veritable avalanche of news, opinion, comment and sometimes scandal from across the world.I check out many news websites, some only occasionally, but when it comes down to serious investigative journalism, few weigh in at a better reading experience than the heavyweight New York Times. I know and accept that its Trump-hating policies and politics are amongst the most rabid, but when you bypass the ravings and dire predictions, then the real journalism shines through.

I’d like to point readers to check out ‘The Lonely Death of George Bell’ as an example of good writing, good journalism; written on the facts, delivered without judgement on either George or the multitude of people who were touched in his passing. It is a long read, perhaps a tad uncomfortable for some, who may prefer a happy ending: but here we talk about real life, and most lives don’t end with a walk down a golden avenue into the setting sun. Some die, alone, in pain and fear, both abandoned by their friends and made lonelier by a self-imposed exile, most die with their families around, some of whom dread the touch of death which is reaching into their midst; but the simple truth; which is that death awaits us all, is sidelined in this strange world which surrounds us all.

The other op-ed piece, which discusses the strange lunacy which pervades colleges in America whenever sports in general, and American football in particular; is yet another excellent journalistic review. Giving a timeline view of the bizarre efforts by Texas’ Baylor University to bypass, subvert and ultimately dismiss the righteous anger of one five-foot-three female college undergraduate after she was violated by a six-foot-four hulk who thought he was invulnerable because he played football. Well researched, well-written: what journalism is all about.

These two items typify what a great newspaper should be; not, unfortunately, what the headlines actually show!