Frying tonight?

The primary warning, from suppliers of anything powered by mains electricity, is that there should be a clear and solid distance between the item; whether a washing machine, an iron, a television or a bloody mobile phone: and running water. Engineers have spent untold years designing protections within the circuit boards, which of course hold the breakers which connect power to the various appliances within your home. The whole idea of insulation, of adequate protection from an electrical circuit, is so important that it should be treated as a subject in every school in the country. The basic rule is that no source of electrical supply should be accessible from a position where one can be in contact with water at the same time. Insulated operating cords of pull switches are permissible but they must be in accordance with BS 3676, which in most cases will be stamped or labeled on them.

Study, if you will, the diagram shown here.


Note the prominent position of the RCD, or Residual Current Device, fitted to protect against faults connected by idiots who know absolutely ‘sweet f*** all’ about something as deadly as electricity.

Now consider the case of the suicidal nitwit named Richard Bull, who obviously thought he knew better than the very armies of Electrical Engineering professionals who have literally ‘written the book’ on Electrical Safety in Bathrooms. Stupid, suicidal Richard, for whatever reason powered up an extension cable, then plugged the charger plug for his IPhone into the extension, and then got into the bath. The charger, which of course carries 240 volts and Mains Current, fell into the water. This meant that the ‘Live’ lead was feeding directly through the water, into ‘Thick Dick’s body’, and then to earth through the waste pipe of the bath. As the supply was obviously not protected by an Earth Leakage Breaker on the power sockets, the fault, which should have been disconnected within 200 milliseconds; was actually maintained permanently; and the poor bastard died from a fatal attack of the ‘stupids’.

His moronic brother Andrew said he was amazed such a small device can be fatal. He said: ‘We can all be careless at times, when you’re younger you’re taught about electricity and the bath but you don’t think about it.

‘I live in the US and they say it can’t happen, and that there is not enough electricity. But in the UK it is enough. You don’t think there is enough electricity but there is.

Dear God, why not keep your big trap shut, and let everyone assume you are a fool, instead of speaking out; and proving it beyond doubt?