How to ‘REALLY’ protect your environment.

Imagine a situation where you, along with thousands of your fellow environmentalists, (with the accepted emphasis on ‘mentalists’) are actively impeding and protesting against the unlawful (as far as you are concerned, natch!) excavations for the installation of an oil pipeline under a sacred lake. You, and all your fellow protestors, are exercised against Big Business who are digging up burial grounds so that their pipes may deliver oil, instead of utilising hundreds of heavy trucks to deliver that same oil. Burial grounds, incidentally, where there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that anyone, Native American or otherwise, is actually buried there: mainly because Native American burial records are a tad sketchy; what with all the booze consumed during the alleged burial rituals, (but I digress). You are also protesting because the LAKE itself is sacred, and ‘the Spirits have not been reconciled’ (ongoing translation—–”Give us much more money, and we might consider it quits). So, thousands of your fellow ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners withstood a bitter North Dakota winter, to protest and stop ‘Big Guvvmint’ and ‘Big Oil’ from trampling all over the rights of the Native Americans, and the ‘Sacred Spirits’ of the waters.

However, Obama got kicked out, and a new voice is heard in Washington D.C. The Donald told the Army to get sorted, the injunctions were removed, the pipelines went in, and the oil is just about ready to flow.

Just a few items need further explanation.

  • The ‘sacred lake’, revered by all the protesters, is actually only sixty years old.
  • There is already a natural gas pipeline under the lake.
  • After the ’Environmental protesters were finally kicked off the various sites they had camped upon, the clean-up contractors removed 2,142 tons of garbage from the sites. They also removed from camp Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the camps, 44 abandoned vehicles, including three campers and two buses.
  • This total does not include the garbage which is still being collected from the part of the protest site which stood upon Standing Rock Sioux land.