By their words and deeds shall ye know them!

Regarding the news of the death of the terrorist Martin McGuinness.

From Tony Blair, former prime minister, using the killers’ own terminology….”he firmly believed in The Armed Struggle.”

The words of Lord Norman Tebbit, whose wife remains paralysed from the bombing of the Grand Hotel…..”The world is a cleaner and sweeter place this morning!”

Some apologists state that the Belfast Peace Accord should be the memorial to their dead hero.

My own memorial is, as Lord Tebbit’s, a tad more pointed. McGuinness and his murderous band, terrorists all, tried to kill Margaret Thatcher and her Cabinet, and they failed. 


My own view of the disgraceful period where members of British Governments actually sat down and negotiated with killers is both simple and simplistic: They, both the IRA and SinnFein, along with their relatives, supporters and all whom sympathised with their deadly so-called cause, should have been hunted down and shot like the vermin they were.


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