We are living in a lie (Part two)

Listening this morning to the briefing from a senior Met. copper on the aftermath to the Westminster Muslim savagery, and was struck by one statement in particular. He was asking for help from the general public with regard to the movements of the killer in the days and weeks before he murdered and maimed those people on the bridge, ending with the death of a policeman before he went down under the bullets from that policeman’s colleague.

What he said was so revealing about the perceived attitude of the British public in general, and especially our (British) viewpoint towards the 2.5 million muslims in our midst: the 2.5 million Muslims which we, as a Nation, never invited to land on our shores; the 2.5 million Muslims whom we were never actually advised would be flooding our cities and towns; the 2.5 million Muslims who were drawn here by our lavish Social Security provisions; the 2.5 million Muslims who, it is true, remain subservient to Their Religion; Their ideas of cultural behaviour; Their ideas of justice; Their ideas of politics; and Their ideas of how their women should be treated and viewed.

His words were, (verbatim)  “There might be people out there who did have concerns about Masood but did not feel comfortable for whatever reason in passing those concerns to us.”

Now I have a fair level of education, and reasonable deductive skills; but there is but one translation, one explanation for his words with regard to the dead terrorist; and it is this:-

“Even if you saw, heard, guessed or realised something about this man’s behaviour which was apart from the norm, but did not say or report this because it (the reported or observed deviant or troubling behaviour) was being carried out by a brown- or dark-skinned man; and the very idea that someone in THAT bracket was even being regarded as a possible criminal was tantamount to; you guessed it: RACISM! We, as a nation, have become so inured to the liberal-lefty clarion call that they, the ‘effing Muslims, and associated to them all people of a different skin colour to ours, have to be treated with velvet-lined gloves for fear of ‘offending’ them that we just do not even bother, because our very comments are treated with scepticism, cynicism and suspicion that we might be guilty of ‘Far-right-Wing Beliefs and thoughts! The same clarion call, every time some murderous Muslim comes racketing out of obscurity, laden with his suicide belt at the ready; is the same: No, this isn’t Islam at work; no ways, he has been ‘RADICALIZED’, the ordinary, good, industrious, hard-working Muslims in Britain don’t believe in the same things he does: they are just so misunderstood it beggars belief that anyone would think that they subscribe to the same ideology as the mad man/mad woman (delete where necessary) who has just committed the latest atrocity.”

Over the years I have been writing and commenting upon local and national politics, I have seen the gradual disappearance of independent thought and speech in this country which has for so long stood for the very idea that what you believe in can be enunciated without fear or favour. As a final, but very relevant query, I would ask the following question: When did you last see a frank and critical commentary about Muslim thoughts, ideals or indeed ideology in either the major print publications or on any nation’s television screens? Self-censorship by the people who run our newspapers, who produce our t.v. programming; it all amounts to the same thing; they are all shit-scared of more of this, or this, or even, Allah providing, THIS!