BBC-free Weekdays

With most people having either turned away, or turning away, from the sinister processes of Joseph Goebbels-thinking mind-meld as envisaged by the BBC; with only the obese, who cannot reach the ‘remote’ to change channels, staying with the bloody BBC, we should pause a moment; and think upon the lost opportunities from the totally-botched Royal Charter renewal process.

The Tory John Whittingdale’s appointment to supervise the process of renewal promised much, but after his private life was blitzed by the BBC-pro-mob, he lost all credibility and was replaced by Karen Bradley, who promptly announced her credentials by stating she didn’t watch much television anyway. Her approach was to state that the only major change was to abolish the BBC Trust, which was virtually toothless anyway, and replace it with Ofcom, the really lefty Quango whose duty now seen, it seems, is to ensure that the remaining white people who have stayed with the BBC are speedily replaced with Black, crippled, Labour-voting, single-mother lesbians who are also thinking of gender-replacement surgery.

If you think I joke; read the terrifying ‘Consultation’ document published by Sharon White (No, I do not joke; but there again, as the Bard asked ‘Whats in a name’?) which details, in excruciating detail, what this bitch has in store for the licence-payers. If you read the list of box-ticking, stolid targets and quotas envisaged by this uber-drone, you might better understand why the actions of the Salford Media City thought-police (canteen division) haven’t been brought under a wider scrutiny. Their memo, published without any consultation whatsoever, to the Salford BBC staff, stated:-

BBC North Internal Communications, as posted on the internal staff intranet – says: ‘Why are we doing this?

‘Well, to put it simply, it’s good for the environment. Skipping meat on the menu just for one day a week can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water use and land use.’

It quotes official sources and studies about agriculture-related carbon, methane and nitrous oxide emissions and land loss in rain forests caused by meat production.

The BBC also stressed the health benefits.

Their message added: ‘A plant based diet often reduces the intake of saturated fat, animal hormones, and cholesterol while increasing the intake of fresh fruits and veggies.

‘That has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease,’ the message to staff adds. ‘The BBC said the policy related specifically to what is sold at the canteen on Mondays only.’

In that last paragraph, note the use of the shadowy ‘We know best what is good for you, so eat your Kale and Radishes, spread the Quinoa thickly; because Auntie Beeb knows best!!!

All I would remark is how glad I am that I am not a BBC Licence payer, being over the statutory age for that particular tax: and it is a tax, because legally you are not allowed to watch any kind of live television broadcasts, satellite or terrestrial, by tv, computer, mobile of tablet without paying this pernicious Danegeld. If you only, and I mean only, watch pre-recorded programmes, you don’t have to pay, but try and prove it! The very name ‘Licence’ is, in itself, a misnomer. What if the Guvmmint stated that if you owned a washing machine, you had to pay a yearly fee in order to operate it? That is how ludicrous this abortion really is.

The BBC, funded by literally billions of tax-payers cash, does exactly what it wants; it denigrates and abuses anyone who disagrees with its lefty-liberal philosophies and goals, and if you do not believe that statement, just enumerate the positive statements, reviews and positions broadcast on the BBC regarding this Nation’s decision to leave the EU, as opposed to the avalanche of abuse, disbelief and plain horror at the ‘Stupid Folks’ who came out in their millions, and gave two fingers at the whole ‘effing Establishment!

Returning, if you would, to the starving Salford BBC mob, in any ordinary company office, there would be barricades placed, strikers militant, and oil-drums holding brazier fires around the gates; but can anyone imagine the spineless bunch at the BBC organising anything beyond a round-robin birthday card?