High Crimes and Misdemeanours?

We read of the sheer audacity of a man who just wants to live his life without even the possibility of embarrassing either himself or his wife by stating that he doesn’t dine alone with women or attend parties where alcohol is served without his wife. Vice-President Pence lives by his standards, which include a Christian fidelity to his wife, and has indicated that he will not even give the impression that he is even ‘looking’ outside the bounds of his marriage vows. His actions and demeanour represent the old-fashioned ideals of the Billy Graham Rule; which was the practice of married men and women avoiding being left alone with a member of the opposite sex, not being uncommon in Evangelical households.

So, because the Washington gossip brigade have found nothing else to smear or carp at about this decent, upstanding public servant, they have come up with the line that he demeans and insults the women whom he works with, by removing himself from any area which might give credence to rumour of infidelity.

Galen Sherwin, senior staff attorney at the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project, said the vice president is guilty of “discrimination under the guise of chivalry.”

“Of all the shockingly retrograde views about gender that the past year has brought us, a top contender is the revelation of Mike Pence’s policy of refusing to dine with women unless his wife is present,” Ms. Sherwin wrote Thursday on the ACLU’s “Speak Freely” blog.

She said the practice “deprives female employees of critical opportunities for networking, mentoring, and face time.”

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said, “I suppose the simplest morality is the most confounding for liberals.”

So, with the heroes and heroines of the Democrats and lefty-liberals including names such as both the Clintons, we watch as they twist and turn, trying to find a wedge which might work.


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