Brings new meaning to the words “Pick something from the fridge!”

I am often confounded by the ways and byways of the human condition. After some sixty-odd years of noting and recording what is happening in this strange and convoluted world of ours, I often have to metaphorically shake my head in disbelief at what my fellow (alleged) human beings have done, or said.

But even these jaded eyes need to be rubbed as I read of the terrible trauma of the Auckland housewife whose old home was burgled and items stolen inclusive of ‘old meat which needed to be thrown out’, as well as ‘the PLACENTA from the birth of her five-month old son’; which had been stored in the freezer for ‘sentimental reasons’!

Just think of the ‘trauma’ inflicted on the poor unsuspecting clown who opened the Tupperware box because he was feeling hungry!
Just imagine the listings on the charge sheet when the woman is arrested after causing both irreparable mental trauma to the thief, as well as severe indigestion to that thief and, well, repair of the damage to the sewage systems of Auckland.


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