Guardian columnist finds plot, then loses it!

The Guardian now can reveal: Brexit; the local elections; Prime Minister May’s ascent to eternal power (bit like Kim Jong-Un but with less bloodshed, nicer hair, and not too many rockets on display); they are all due and down to one man. Yes, it can now be revealed that Donald Trump, along with his alleged hidden backers such as Nigel Farage, American billionaire Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, along with a host of shadowy extra players, a Data Analysis firm and, again, multiple anonymous players, caused Britain to vote to leave the European Union.

Or, so Carole Cadwalladr reasons, or believes, or asks the reader to take her fantasy notions as gospel.

If you plough through the massive threads which our Carole has spun, you will see that not much proof is printed, but lots are hinted at. I did read most of it, but blanched when asked to believe that a billionaire funded various projects and companies who stated that they could actually change the way people thought, reacted, and indeed voted. I know a small amount about subliminal advertising, which is possibly one of the tools allegedly used by the companies who took on the gigantic task of influencing British voters to leave a politicised and highly-centralised bureaucracy without fairly astute British people detecting that their thought processes were being fiddled with. Many eminent psychologists, one of whom I worked for while at Durham University, categorically state that sub-lim adverts cannot work, because all human beings have different mental thresholds, and if just one ‘hidden’ message is revealed, the resultant uproar would see the guilty advertiser bankrupted within weeks.

She claims that old-fashioned NornIrish DUP political stalwarts slapped all their cash down to fund Facebook and YouTube adverts to get their gullible electorate to vote to leave. If they did, their cash was all wasted, because the majority of Northern Ireland voted to stay within the tender tendrils of the EU.

As for the results of the Referendum, she claims that 1% of the British voting population was targeted with specially-moulded adverts. All I remember about both campaigns was the ultra-heavy threats from the likes of Cameron, Osborne and all the self-elevated ‘elite’ who think that they ‘know best’, and the fairly pedantic and stuttering attempts from the TWO campaigns trying to get us to vote ‘LEAVE’.


As for the alleged attempts to raise Theresa May to the status of a demi-goddess, unbeatable by anyone, she fails completely to mention the cack-handed manner by which our present P.M. rose to her position, which was not to make as many utterly insane mistakes as the rest of the candidates for the job; and then to ignore completely the lunacy by which the Labour Party contrived: by electing a Marxist / Pacifist / long-time rebel against his own Party’s beliefs as Leader, and then confirming the stupidity by bringing John McDonnell, a Marxist who lies about his long-term admiration for the Communist and Stalinist blood-stained figures from the past; to ensure that the Labour Party are simply unelectable.

Sorry, Carole; your thesis might help win you prizes at some weird ‘Conspiracy Theory’ get-together where the Illuminati reign forever, but as for real-life issues; you just got a large ‘FAIL’ stamped across your entry.