…and the ice-cap over Hell grows ever thicker!

I believe that, in the past, the ONLY time I have ever agreed with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was when he stated that it was, indeed, a nice day. We hold such opposite ideas and views, of politics, of the very definition of terrorism, of economics, of everything concerning the governance of this Nation that it would be impossible to list the entirety of our disagreements.

Taking our disagreements as read; I freely acknowledge that the leaked Manifesto rings certain bells for the starry-eyed Corbyn supporters; the ones who paid their cash to join the Party and swept Jezza to power against the wishes and will of just about all the sitting Labour M.P.s, and many Labour elders, (at least, the ones who actually think) who can actually remember the contortions which the Labour Party had to accept and accomplish before a certain Anthony Blair took them to power back in 1997.

Those, who, like myself, can remember even further back in time, to the days when large stretches of the British economy were State-run, and, far from the glistening polish placed upon the words of that same manifesto, the stark reminders of the Union-run so-called industries resound ever louder. I can remember when entire shipyards were silent, struck down by union disagreements over such intricate activities as ‘who actually twanged the chalk-filled string which denoted where the boilermaker was allowed to flame-cut a steel plate. I also recall the miners’ strike, where thousands of bully-boys were bussed to attempt to stop coal being delivered to power stations, and the near-anarchy of the Union who attempted to bring down a Government.

The manifesto, an open call to bring Marxist philosophies into play by a Hard-Left would-be Government reads pretty good to the ‘faithful’, but it is a clarion call to a failed philosophy, a beacon which leads the path to only one end; defeat on such a massive scale that should spell doom for Corbyn, his side-kick McDonnell and his Communist Momentum buddies. At least the Labour leader is honest, and has nailed his colours, the Red Flag of Communism and Socialism; firmly to the Labour flagstaff; so that no-one can allege that anything was hidden, or disguised, or merely hinted at.

The Suicide Note has been written, and all that is now needed is for Corbyn to kick the chair away by placing his name to it, and the Tories will rule for a decade or more!