Two deaths, two very different messages in Memoriam.

Just about a year ago, a woman was murdered. Her killer was either a) a hardened Neo-Nazi activist, an extremist agitator and Far-Right-wing Britain First supporter who planned this act as the beginning of the Fifth Reich: or b) a lone mentally-unstable fruit-and-nut-case, a sick and worried man who sought mental health help, but was turned away with the advice that he should make an appointment. That advice trained this sick individual’s mind towards revenge; and Jo Cox died because he had access to a weapon. She was a mouthy left-wing  Labour Party MP, and her death was immediately turned into a Left-Wing-good / Tories and Right-wing supporters evil, bad and Europe-hating nasty bastards circus; with The House of Commons recalled so that everyone could sing ‘KumbaYAH’, and tell stories about how good, and kind and caring and-on-and on-infinitum she had been. Her death was labelled, with of course the guiding hand of her lefty-breathing husband, as a political murder (I mean, what else could it possibly be; like, innit?”) but fortunately the voters of this Nation of ours were not taken in, and the Referendum vote was not swayed: but not for the want of trying!

Some twelve-odd years ago, a young Scots lad was walking down a street, he died because he was white, and because he was there. Kriss Donald, a slightly built, 15-year-old White schoolboy was abducted from the streets of Pollockshields, Glasgow, on March 14, 2004. His kidnappers were five British Muslims of Pakistani descent, intent on exacting retribution on a white male in revenge for a previous fight, although Kriss was believed to be a stranger to his five attackers. He was taken to an area of waste ground where he was finished off after being tortured. Before he died, it is alleged that he was castrated, burned with cigarettes; his eyes were gouged out and he was stabbed repeatedly. Once on the waste ground he was doused with gasoline and set alight whilst still alive. He crawled a few metres and then, mercifully, died. A walker who discovered his body the following morning was unaware that it was even human, remarking, that at first, he thought it was the carcass of an animal.

The results of the investigation was that three Muslim Pakistani men, all born in Scotland, are serving minimum sentences of twenty-three years or more for the unprovoked death of this defenceless young man.

Cox’s husband has yapped about, like a terrier after a bone, and is begging for an an hour’s postponement of all Election business, so that his mouthy wife can be ‘remembered’. I am still awaiting a similar exercise to the memory of young Kriss, whose murder was, if anything, more pointless and random that that of that dead Labour MP: or is that possibly the real difference, he was just a young Scots boy from nowhere in particular, and she was a politician?


2 thoughts on “Two deaths, two very different messages in Memoriam.

  1. Excellent piece Mr Cunningham. The contrast between the way that the left have mercilessly exploited the murder of Jo Cox and the way that they’ve gone out of their way to not talk about Islamic crimes and criminals is highly instructive. The left have done all in their power,including using the police to shut down memorial marches for Mr Donald, to bury this man’s memory whilst talking up Cox’s alleged ‘sainthood’. As Rapscallion says ‘left wing good, everything else bad’.

    Shortly after Jo Cox’s death I delved into her parliamentary record and what I found disgusted me. It was all middle class socialist concerns or concerns that mattered to the Muslims of Batley and Spen. It was Palestine this and Syria that, she banged on about overseas aid and appealed for ‘more refugees’ and so on and so on. Apart from a few parliamentary whines about ‘Tory cuts’ she doesb’t seem to have done a damn thing to improve the lives of the majority in Batley. For example I’ve been told that there is Islamic Rape Gang activity thatis going on in that area and I trust my sources yet the Labour Establishment there and even the police seem to be doing enough to stop these crimes. Sadly it looks as if Tracy Brabin Cox’s succesor is cast from similar political material. Brabin has been alleged to be blocking people on social media who ask awkward questions about grooming in Batley and Spen.

    Cox did not deserve to die but neither was she some sort of saint, she was in fact a normal Labourl Islamopanderer if she can be judged by her parliamentary record and her support for Labour Friends of Palestine.

    Mr Donald is just as worthy to be memorialised as anybody else yet the Left are desperate for him not to be memorialised and I think that is because deaths like that of Mr Donald disturb their leftist internal narrative adn therefore have to be buried.

  2. Well, what did you expect. Left wing = good, anything not left wing = bad. That’s the narrative these days. Jo Cox being left wing (who closed her eyes to grooming of young British girls by Muslims) is revered as a saint. Kriss Donald’s biggest mistake was to be white and male (possibly now the most oppressed grouping these days).

    No doubt after the next ISIS inspired outrage they’ll be trotting out the “It’s got nothing to do with Islam” mantra – when, as we all know, it’s got everything to do with islam.

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