…and we confirm that we won’t be nasty to murderous muslims because….

I used to write  for A Tangled Web blogsite which focussed upon Northern Irish politics, which did, and still does, operate from a right-wing perspective. David also has some other contributors, of varying opinions and nationalities, mainly because he believes in hearing all sides, and letting the audience make their own minds up.

“letting the audience make their own minds up.”

Now there is a thought, and an ideal which is foreign to most of our broadcast media; BBC, ITV, LBC, Sky; all of whom stick rigidly to the line, ‘We cannot interfere with a killer’s human rights until he either commits to an atrocity, or carries out that murderous attack.’

Katie Hopkins was dismissed from LBC for using that dreaded phrase ‘final solution’ in the context of a tweet against jihadi terror. As my mate David said, via his Twitter feed:-