Its all about the MONEY, stupid!


The paramount rule of sales, selling, marketing; call it what you will, is, succinctly put; Do not, under any circumstance; piss the Client off. Do not ridicule his way of life, do not offer him a double whisky when you know he doesn’t touch alcohol, do not laugh or sneer at his beliefs, his religion, or his woman. If you follow these simple rules, and your product is worthy, and of course at the right price; you will sell, and sell, and sell again!

Readers might well wonder my point, in these days of Islamic suicide bombers, of  writing about a substantial segment of what is, still, a minority ethnic population; who are of a way of thinking which is, literally, foreign to we who are: whether we accept it or not, a Judeo-Christian nation. We have, in our midst, some 2.5 million Muslims; and of those Muslims, a fair sector who are either Salafists, who hew to the dictates of Wahabbism, exported from Saudi Arabia as part of the truce maintained between the Saudi Royal Family, and the hard-line imams of the Wahabbi sect. Part of this truce is explained by the truth that the Saudi Royals can booze, whore and betray their very faith outside of the Kingdom, but maintain the strict asceticism demanded by the Wahabbis inside the Saudi borders.

So, on to the MONEY.

Readers will have seen, heard and probably shrugged in despair as; immediately after every attack /murder / outrage within European borders over, now, many years; the siren calls from politicians, police and security authority alike that ‘it was a lone wolf attack or, ‘he or she was mentally disturbed, or, the new favourite, especially from the lefty-liberals such as Brendan Cox; this being ‘the attacker was of a far-right group, the new fascists; and therefore to be condemned twice-over. Never a Muslim outrage! Never an Islamic suicide attack! Nothing to do with his religion, nothing to do with his beliefs: he was ‘radicalised’; he was ‘brainwashed, he ‘fell into bad company!

I have a more realistic reason why the first thing spoken of by senior policemen immediately after both the Westminster car and sword attack, and the Manchester Arena carnage was to ‘reassure’ the Muslim Community (whoever or whatever they are) that we ‘shall not be divided’, and we shall be strong together, and we shall stand together; and ‘hate crimes will not be tolerated! (So that’s me told!) Just consider two huge and vital British companies,  and these companies’ contracts for vast amounts of weaponry, jet fighters and bombers, and the massive infrastructure which accompany those jets with the Saudi Government. The Al Yamamah deal, won for BAe Systems from the Saudis back in Thatcher’s days was worth a tidy £43 billion’ together with the Rolls Royce engines for the Tornadoes and the Hawks; and the follow-up contracts added up to a great deal more. So why do you think there has been a strict embargo on anyone, repeat ANYONE; giving voice to the straight truth that the suicide attacks all over Europe, the AK-47 murders in Paris, the truck carnage in Nice are from terror’s own cradle: namely Saudi Arabia, and their outriders in the Saudi-funded mosques, and the Wahabbi-trained imams who infest the sewage systems of those ‘Cultural Centres’? Is it because the Politicians, the Police and the enforcers they employ all know that the last thing that is wanted is for ANYONE to rock the boat by insulting the Saudi Royals by speaking the simple, plain, unvarnished truth?

Small but vital follow-up point. President Trump, a man noted for his straight talking, when visiting Saudi Arabia, stated that he was calling for ‘Islamic Terror’ to be banished from the Miid-East; and also singling out Iran as the messenger of terror. He specifically did not even mention the calls of the Wahabbis to kill the Kuffar (US) possibly because his $109 Billion arms deal with the Saudis still had wet ink on the parchment!