Once out; let’s place the First and Best Law into the Statute Books.

Hopefully, on June 9th, we will have a Prime Minister who has promised to listen to the Majority who voted to LEAVE the EU, and will negotiate from the position of strength which we shall, again hopefully, have given her. But the Government’s first action should be to legislate for the return of Capital Punishment, for a Mandatory Death Penalty for terrorists, child molesters and abusers, for those who murdered a policeman, for killers; and especially, for Treason.


We should, immediately Parliament returns, organise and place Legislation on the Statute Books so that, once free of the cancerous grip of both the EU and its pernicious Human Rights Legislation, we can stretch their necks as they so thoroughly deserve. But the most important part of the first paragraph should be the words ‘Mandatory’, so that no liberal Judge can overturn the majesty of the Law!