………before we get a grip and learn that the only thing these murderous people want is that Caliphate they keep on yowling about?


As I wrote previously:-


What we want is revenge, what we want is for all these Saudi and Salafist effing imams to be slapped on a Saudi jet and sent packing. What we want is for the vaunted Security Services to do their jobs, and if some raghead even whispers the term ‘jihad’, or has ever done so in the past, he, along with all his bloody family should immediately be interned, out in the open, surrounded by lots of shiny barbed wire and anti-personnel mines: and allowed to rot! If they don’t like the way in which we choose to live, they can literally F*** Off any time they like.


But we shall not see anything like that, because the politicians, police, the  judges, the very people who are supposed to act as our protectors; simply will not accept that they are wrong; will not accept that it IS Islam which is at war with us; will not accept that they must use their vast intelligence networks to single out and stop those who would murder our very way of life!


There’s those pesky ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ again

truck prayer garbage