Impossible dreams? Just maybe!

As readers may know, I am an author, with eight books published on-line, as can be seen on the side-bar of the Home page; but with only one in a print version. I write of that book, and of the things which came from my own imagination, which seems just a tad prophetic these blood-soaked days. That novel was named ‘Single to Westminster, via Berlin. It was a story about Charlie Watson, a right-wing British street brawler who, after listening to a series of special tape-recordings of the voice of Adolf Hitler whilst being completely unaware of the source of those words; alters his whole life, political and personal, and eventually aims at the highest Office in the Nation.

The novel tells his story, of the woman he falls in love with, and of the people, political and otherwise, with whom he comes in contact. I take his passage through his early political endeavours, through the many changes he makes: but also through the many changes which have been inflicted upon we British in these ancient Isles, changes for which our approval was never ever sought. He fights for, and wins, a Parliamentary Seat, and I tell of his early life in Westminster. I take him through military and political scandal and intrigue, but also sexual scandal, abuse and criminal conspiracy. But his greatest test comes when the motorways of England are targeted by jihadi suicidal murderers, organised from the Mudjahideen of Afghanistan; but funded by a crazed junior member of the Saudi Royal Family.

He fights the very Establishment in order to gain and pour retribution down on both the Afghan and Saudi conspirators, and successfully wipes the threat off the map. He then goes on Arabic television, and admits that he, and he alone, was responsible for the planning and delivery of the destruction and carnage which rained down upon the two centres of the conspiracy.

His words are closely listened to by both Saudi and American military and political audiences; and I wrote:-

Many of the Al Jazeera audience had heard of Charlie’s exploits when he was elected, and some of the things he had done since had registered with some of the prospective audience of billions, but as the speech time was advertised, many switched on just out of curiosity. The hard-faced politician’s features stared out of millions of television screens all over the Middle East, America as the broadcast was syndicated, Europe again by Sky satellite, and to the seething masses of Islamic Indonesia and the Far East and the Independent states of the former Russian Empire, as the producer made the microphone in front of Charlie live, and he began to speak.

He spoke in the liquid tones of Damascus Arabic as though he had spoken it from childhood, and he began by greeting his audience by nations, and then speaking as if to each member of the audience individually. Few ever managed to produce an accurate translation of the fifteen minute speech, but as it was credited with the largest audience yet counted on the satellite station, every one agreed that the message got through. He openly acknowledged his part, and that of his nation’s armed forces, in the death and destruction which had rained down in Riyadh and in Kandahar.

He stated bluntly that knowledge of the planning, targeting and financing of the terror attacks in Great Britain was available for scrutiny by, he paused and smiled sardonically, “interested parties”. Great Britain was not apologising, not excusing their actions; his country was simply stating why these people had died. Great Britain, he paused again, was stating that the people who died were dead because the British people wanted revenge, and now they had achieved their goal, there would be no more slaughter! The Arabic people were people of the Book, and their book, although looking to a differently-named deity, was much the same as the book of the West.

He gazed out flatly of the screens as he warned his audience; “Don’t think for one second that this is a one-off action! If there any further plans for death on the motorways of England, or anywhere else in this United Kingdom, or in America, that death will be re-doubled and re-doubled in return until the literal air of your countries is filled with fire! We shall, as a Government, be taking steps to remove from our land the architects of hate, the preachers of death, destruction and doom, the illegals who distort our lands with their constant demands while undermining the same democracy as gives them shelter. We do not preach or tell other peoples what to believe in, or how to govern their countries, and we would be obliged if you retain within your borders those who would try and change that. Our message is simple, demanding no translations, no hidden messages or code words; we will extract an eye for an eye, and a death for a death. Live in peace, and you shall have peace in return. Salaam Alaikum!”


A select gathering of senior military and political figures within the American establishment was given a running translation and commentary on the broadcast, with three professors in Arabic Studies available for translations and perceived meanings if any asked for enlightenment. One senior General, who had been striving for increased surveillance and intelligence on the ‘crazies’ from Islam, and had been sidelined as a result, was suddenly ‘flavour of the week’, and was bombarded with questions as to how he had established that the terror attacks were even possible, never mind planned. His reply stunned them all, “They hate us because we are free, because we are rich, because we have open government, because we have free speech, because we are not muslim; because we are the unbelievers! Charlie Watson got it right, they don’t understand diplomacy, they look upon people who talk as weak; there is only one thing they respect, the sort of thing we saw in Kandahar and in Riyadh! That there Charlie is one smart son-of-a-bitch, and I just thank the Lord he’s our son-of-a-bitch!”