Theresa’s big mistakes


To call an election with zero / zilch / nada planning, especially in these days of instant news / soshull meejah access / an informed electorate; was just catastrophic.


To call an election because the polls told you that your lead was over twenty points was the action of a person whom has never even heard of Murphy’s Law.


To call an election, and then to deliberately piss off the one large section of your firm supporters in the population by shovelling in a badly planned and even worse-presented attempt to grab some cash off them was just asking for someone; anyone: to point out that Scotland would be exempt from that same grab, was the action of someone who just thought it would be a great idea.


To call an election, and again piss even more of your supporters of by telling them that they would have to fund their own decline into dementia / senility / dotage; but that funding would be delayed until they actually died was probably the act of a Corbyn supporter disguised as a Tory.


To call an election, and then to release a Manifesto which has no affordability / no costings attached was either the work of a political neophyte; or the attitude of an arrogant and overwheening woman who just KNEW that she would get by on a slogan, and nothing, nothing else.


To call an election, and watch as her main opposition leader, a pacifist, a Marxist, a friend of terrorists, a man who holds the absolute contempt of 80% of his own MPs, becoming almost majestic and composed; is the work of someone who really deserves to bloody loose!