Wouldn’t it be loverly?

I used to write for A Tangled Web. I stopped when I made the great mistake of utilising a personal photo of my wife to illustrate a political stance. The avalanche of hostility which met that one post made me realise my opinions were not welcome; so I ceased my contributions. But I still read the posts, especially by the blog’s owner and publisher, David Vance.

Here is David in his normal trenchant mode, which is switched on immediately he even commences thinking about the BBC.


But the point which he makes about our new-found saviours is this:-

They have always been virulently anti-BBC. Wouldn’t it be nice if at least one of their proposals were included within the DUP / Westminster Package. The proposal I am talking about, and which David so eloquently discusses; is this:-

3. FREEZE THEN CUT OR ABOLISH THE TV LICENCE AND REFORM THE BBC The TV licence fee is a highly regressive tax which was designed for a different era and a world of communication that no longer exists. The success of Netflix and Amazon streaming services shows that subscription based media can and does work. An independent Commission should be established to conduct a review of how the BBC is structured and the services it provides and to examine alternative funding models, identify the opportunities for competitive tendering of key services and produce a plan that will either significantly reduce the licence fee or abolish it.