But its the Corrrmuuuuunity whats suffering!

Issues of responsibility apart, when examining the Grenfell Tower inferno and the aftermath; we should be listening, closely and indeed skeptically, to the calls; nay the shrieks, from mainly Labour politicians and ‘activists’, regarding the re-housing of the survivors. We hear the Blessed Jeremy’s calls to simply break the Law, and confiscate private property, empty flats, houses, indeed whole buildings, so that those unfortunates can be housed locally. We heard Sec. of State Sajid David confirm that it was his, and presumably the Government’s intention to build, (or buy or beg) local properties so that those survivors may be rehoused LOCALLY.

I have often stated that the First Rule of Politicians should be; ‘If in doubt, say Nowt!’ and it should surely apply double, if not treble, in this political hot potato.

When the final roll calls are printed, when the grim lists of dead or ‘forever missing’ are tabulated, we should not be too surprised when a fair number of those who died or survived are found to be, or were, ‘refugees’ or ‘illegal asylum seekers’ or any variation of the former, mainly because once they succeed in getting a foothold ashore, they tend to congregate together. The herd mentality which governs Councils’ actions, given the truly limited supply of housing within the Borough to begin with, means that they get shovelled into a tower block, and the Council should not be blamed for this, because where else are these interminably pesky people, most of whom should never have been allowed to remain; to be placed?

The inhabitants of Grenfell Tower are not, and have never been, part of a ‘community’. They were placed there because the Council spent taxpayer’s cash building the block, and when flats were vacant they were speedily filled with; who else but those who were probably illegally in the country anyway!  The query should be, why were they allowed to come in  at all? There are British people living in expensive B&B’s, or hotels, because the spaces which should have been reserved for locals have all been filled with the ‘Ethnics’; and we cannot be seen to be anti-Ethnic, because that would be truly ‘Waaaaycccisst’!

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