***** your baubles, meet a hero.

Forget the showbiz moochers, ignore the councillors and the alleged ‘civil servants’; only one name stands above and beyond. As a symbol of over 55,000 veterans of Bomber Command, who were so disgracefully ignored for so long; as a man who flew, and fought, and took the war to those who blatantly made war on civilians: I give you Johnny Johnson!


But even in his twilight years, as he approaches the end of memories; all the bastards awarded him was a bloody M.B.E. A man who flew in that long, bloody campaign against the Nazis, a symbol of the bravest of the brave; a man who deserved the highest honour which could be bestowed: and he is listed along with the ‘Buggins’, with the ‘Charity workers’, and set lower than the puffed-up council chairmen who get the knighthoods.


Somehow, I do believe that that brave man should have quietly stated that he didn’t want it, because the MBE is for the camp followers, not for a man who placed his life on the line in the Service of his Country!

alancasterbomber (1)


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