Maritime Accident? Or something more Sinister?

I wrote very recently about possible and actual accidents at Sea; and my own involvement in a very near miss whilst serving on a tanker.

Seems as though there are at least two blogsites posing very, very different theories on whether the USS Fitzgerald was accidentally rammed, or was the collision a deliberate act by a terrorist organisation. One bloke, who normally I have a fair bit of time for, blames both the American Navy Captain and the Phillipine Captain; but with heavy emphasis on the American. He waffles on about the long Chain of Command in any Warship, and does everything but retail the hoary old story about the Major General who whispers to his second-in-command, ‘Send up reinforcements, we’re going to advance.’ By the time the orders get to the 2nd Lieutenant, the words have morphed into ‘Lend us three-and-fourpence, we’re going to a dance.’

The second blogsite, which deals almost exclusively with legal and criminal charges against serving members of the U.S. Military, has somewhat differing views to the guy whose views I state previously. They are claiming, through the reported words of a parent of a sailor or officer on board the Fitzgerald; that the damage was done deliberately, that the ACX Crystal had its manoeuvring and sailing lights extinguished, its transponder was switched off, and that the ship made two drastic course alterations, the second being the one which drove the huge container ship’s bow into the American Destroyer’s port side, with the death by drowning of seven American Navy Sailors as a direct consequence.

Which one is correct? As I said, I normally have a fair bit of time for gCaptain, being a former mariner myself; but the MilitaryCorruption site is convincing!