ISIS Caliphate Mosul City Council Planning Department

Monthly meeting with councillors.

Meeting to be advised of Planning decisions already fulfilled, and those expected in the short to medium term.

Imam Mohammed Omar was seated as Chairman.

He gave a short resume of the present planning strategy within the city; but made little mention of the overwhelming military force from both the Iraqui and Militia forces, backed by, as he called them, ‘Imperialist running dogs from America.’

He stated that there was only one item on the Business Agenda, which was that of the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri, its present condition, plans for its refurbishment (presently on hold due to lack of funding) and of its future.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking spoke and stated that, as the minaret, leaning as it had been for centuries, was being used as a reference target by the opponents of the Caliphate, and there being no guarantees of the Caliphate’s restoration at this particular time; might this not be the time to remove both minaret and mosque, and destroy what was obviously a symbol held dear by the opposing infidels.

There being no speeches opposing Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking suggestions, possibly because of the Cllr.’s habit of carrying an AK-47 with two fully-loaded magazines taped back-to-back, as well as an eighteen-inch-long razor-sharp sword of Damascus construction when arguing with political opponents, the suggestion was carried unanimously.

Imam Mohammed Omar made a short speech thanking the Planning committee for giving up their invaluable time to attend the meeting, tired and weary as they must be after all the interrogations and executions they had to carry out. He also asked that the demolition explosives be set in place, but only to be activated, and the mosque levelled, after any of the Great Satan’s aircraft be sighted within a ten mile radius; as the Great Satan could then be blamed for the demolition of the mosque.

Cllr. Mohammed Omarhesmaking signified his approval of the Chairman’s suggestion by firing off a full magazine from his AK-47 into the ceiling. Two committee members died from ricocheting bullets, and a third was severely wounded, but as the senior Cllr. still had a full magazine, no one demurred or objected.

The meeting closed, and the Minutes later reflected that the Great Mosque was levelled as the Chairman had suggested; but unfortunately, no-one outside the strict control of ISIS believed a word!