No Deal is better than a Bad Deal!

Fact:- The EU has, as its ‘One True God’ (Because it famously ‘does not do religion’); the Court of Justice of the European Union. Virtually everything which is promulgated, delegated, ordered or controlled by the EU is subject to confirmation by CJEU, and its decisions rule throughout the Union.

Fact:- The British Prime Minister’s offer to the Member States comes as rather a weird one to the essentially European ‘Colleagues’ who have delegated all the Brexit negotiations to a third party, as much as they don’t want to get their own hands and, of course, fingerprints all over an essential decision which may (Geddit?) go against their ideas of Collegiality. (Ideas which means that they get what they wish to see, and no mention of that truly nasty idea: namely; Compromise.)

So we come up against the first and possibly primary stumbling block to any deal before March 2019 comes along. Most British people would, I guess, reckon that what is on offer with the two strains, namely EU people in Gt. Britain, and Brits within the EU; is indeed, as Mrs. May points out, generous. Any hassles would be sorted, in Britain by our (unfortunately) truly independent British Judiciary (I say ‘unfortunately’ because many times they act contrary to the correct way {my way} and judge in a truly liberal manner): and in the EU, the British residents would of course get the CJEU.

So if David Davis sticks by the brief, and states; ’Our Way or No Way’: and the European Mob stating CJEU for everyone, inclusive of children, and for the next 100 years’; we are going to find out in quick fashion if those words will come forth to haunt either the EU, or Theresa May’s Brexit Bunch. In short form; who’s ‘gonna blink first?