…and Charlie definitely ain’t our Darling!

We all see, hear of, and sometimes engage, in gossip. As a life-long rule, I tend not to engage in, take an interest in, or pass along tittle-tattle; mainly because I am not that interested. But others do, as can maybe be seen by the numbers of gossip, fan and plain rubbish magazines on sale in the aisles of my local supermarket. I specifically exclude those publications which are aimed at single-issue subjects; the countryside, yachts and powerboats, shooting: that sort of thing. But to figure out what strange, atavistic urge drives people to buy pages discussing the plots of soaps, or the love-lives of the alleged stars, or the sex-lives of virtually anyone else who has gained the status of a photo in the side-bar of the Daily Mail; is beyond an ordinary bloke like me.

But there have been, over the past couple of weeks, two very different targets  under the gossip spotlight. The first set of tapes made an expose of the inner thoughts of a young woman who was thrust into a loveless marriage, into the scorching spotlight which accompanied a marriage to the Prince of Wales; future King of Great Britain. From the total anonymity of a nursery school teacher, to the focus of the world’s press and paparazzi; all in the space of two weeks. No wonder the lass cracked. Virtually press-ganged by a old aristocratic family, she didn’t stand a chance.

When her future husband’s activities and character are placed under a microscope, it turns out even worse. She was looked upon by many members of Charles’ family as simply a brood mare, chosen from good stock to give the Nation an Heir, and a Spare. When that portion of her Royal duty was done, and the two boys were seen to be healthy, and the Line secured, bloody Charlie went back almost full time to the divorced mistress he had scarcely left to join his young wife in Matrimony. An adulterer from the word go, a twisted, neurotic weirdo, who didn’t even know the meaning of the term ‘Love’; that’s the portrait of the Man who would be King! Once the marriage commenced its slow and inexorable path towards separation and then divorce; that shy young girl had blossomed into one of the world’s most beautiful and famous women. She was badly advised, she dispensed with the solid protection of the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic squad, and went most places unaccompanied, except for the blaze of flash-guns which made a strange halo around the hair of that tragic woman. She made unfortunate companionships and friends, many of whom would betray every confidence. She was attracted to wealth, which she saw as a possible shield against the unending pursuit of the paparazzi and press; but even then her choice was flawed, with the man with whom she ended her days in that high-speed crash another in the unending row of chancers.

We now look and watch as yet another ‘close confidante’ opens up the broadsides which claim that the real reason for Charles’ adultery with his Camilla springs from first his inability to state his devotion to a woman he was deeply attracted to; and secondly the fact that Camilla’s husband was a serial adulterer himself. His uncle demanded that Charles break the affair off, as Camilla was, quite obviously, not a virgin, so this twisted, neurotic self-serving clown who couldn’t even stand up for himself, left everything he loved behind, and when Diana was served up to him on a glistening plate, he decided that he would marry, but also decided that he would continue his adulterous relationship with his friend’s wife.

So, as his mother, our Queen, moves inexorably closer to that fatal day when she dies, we must look forward to our next Sovereign being a serial adulterer, a father who deserted his family for a divorcee, a man who isn’t even worthy of that title, never mind that of Sovereign of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; a man who believes that plants and flowers understand what you say; a weird woolly-minded hippy mentality who seems to give more credit to the bloody muslims than to the Church of which he will be the Supreme Governor.

So that’s the gossip for today.

Stone me! How’s about the future King being from the next Generation? From a weirdo to a man who is and will be self-confident? How’s about King William?

And Charlie? He can buy a house in Poundbury, worry and wonder about the Climate not Changing; and let Camilla do the laundry.